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If you search on the internet you will find many articles, books and training courses all written about how to make money with an online based business. Here are just a couple of things that you need to consider when it comes to making money on the internet.

1. First and foremost is that you need to be cautious. Don’t just accept advice at face value. There are many scams out there. You will come across people who call themselves experts, when in fact all they have ever achieved is maybe a few sales, and they will be more than ready to take your hard earned money from you.

There is no problem with them doing this if they actually know what they are talking about, but it is best to check up and see what others are saying. You can easily do this by asking about them in places such as the Warrior Forum. Make sure that they have the credentials to back up what they are saying.

2. Social networking is a way to make friends with others and then you can see for yourself who’s advice it will be safe to follow. One of the greatest social networks to do this on is You can build up a list of followers and watch their updates.

3. The next thing you need to know is that the majority of your time online must be spent on marketing your home based internet business. One of the best ways to do this is by blogging. Search engines love blogs and so do readers and you can find many resources that will teach you how to blog successfully. is one of the best websites for teaching people how to blog and you can learn basically everything you need to know to make money online as a blogger.

Blogging allows you to generate an enormous amount of free traffic but it is not instant. It takes time to build and the only way to do this is to make sure that your blog is high quality with a lot of good content. This will enable you to sell products or sell advertising and make money.

By taking the advice given in this article you will build a good reputation for yourself. People will want to hear what you have to say and you will make money. Just remember when first starting out that the internet can be dangerous, make sure that you are careful about whom you take advice from and then learn how to blog.

Do you have an organizational chart for your online income business? The majority of internet marketers haven’t even thought about having such a tool as most of them are one-man businesses, but the truth of the matter is that this could be exactly what they need even as a one-man concern and even if it seems to be a waste of time and effort.

Internet marketers generally wear all the hats in their online businesses and so try to do too much, which results in them never accomplishing very much at all. Consider this;

•    The first hat that internet marketers wear is the hat for controlling all the marketing for their business. In fact far more would be accomplished by just learning a few traffic generating methods properly rather than trying to use all sorts of different advertising strategies for your online income business as the chances of failing when doing too many is a certainty.

It might be a good idea to look at your organizational chart at this point and consider adding a bit of outsourcing to your plan. For example you could outsource your article writing or a pay per click campaign.

•    The next hat that is worn is by the sales manager. Are you also the sales manager of your company and in charge of increasing the amount of sales to your business?
What you could maybe do here is to rely a bit more on affiliate managers. Many internet marketers don’t even know who their affiliate managers are for a particular product. These people can be extremely helpful to you in finding the best products to sell and the most profitable ones as well.
•    Who is the customer support staff for your company? Wait is that another hat that you are wearing?  Hiring someone to handle your customer queries and day to day emails will remove a task that is a huge drain on your time and energy and might possibly be some of the best money you can spend on your online business.
These are just three hats that you need to take a closer look at and by having an organizational chart for your online income business your will quickly see where you can hand some of the hats over to outsourcing and which ones will be better worn by yourself. The benefits both to yourself and your business will be well worth the effort.

One of the major challenges facing online income business owners is converting visitors into customers or subscribers once they reach their websites. This is always as challenge and in this article we will discuss some basic promotional strategies to help improve your website conversions.

Everyone knows how important it is to build a relationship with your prospective customers or subscribers. I am sure that you will have heard it said time and again that people will buy from someone they feel that they know and can trust.

So the first thing you need to do to sell anything on the internet is to establish your credentials as an expert in your field. If you are serious about earning an income online you will need to do more than just placing affiliate links on your website. You need to create a sense of trust and some buzz around whatever product or service you are marketing.

Here are five things that you should have on your website if you want anyone to think that you are worth listening to:

1.  Firstly you need to let everyone know who you are. Your website is not a wall to hide behind, so you must have your name and a photograph of yourself, preferably on the front page of your site. Put it near the top of the site where it can be easily seen by your visitors and smile so that people get the feeling that they are welcome and you are happy to see them there.

2.  Unique informative content is all important. By offering unique and helpful content that is related to the niche market you are targeting people will feel that you are an expert and they will return to your website regularly. This is part of building a relationship.

3.  Add some audio content if you can. You could add an introduction to your site and what it is all about.

4.  Use videos to promote your products. Video is a powerful tool and is a big help in converting visitors into customers. Videos are not difficult to upload today so if you are serious about your internet based business then learn how to do it.

5.  Sell your backend products on your thank you page. When someone has just bought something from you, they may still be in a buying mood so offer them a nice bonus if they upgrade whatever it is that they may have bought.
Don’t just offer the bonus as an afterthought; make sure that they understand the value of what you are giving them.

Give customers a simple choice of “basic” or “gold”. By doing this you are getting away from the “buy” or “don’t buy” frame of mind.  Do not offer too many choices as this will confuse them and they will finish up by leaving your website without having made a purchase.

Hopefully these five ideas will help you in converting your visitors to customers, who will want to continue buying products from your online based business for many years to come.

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