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In the last article on e-book publishing we discussed how to produce an e-book and in this article we will continue the discussion on locking and uploading it to an e-book website and using it to build your mailing list for your online income home business.

Now that you have your e-book all ready to publish the next step that you need to take is to lock it and offer those who download it an unlock code.


By locking the e-book anyone who downloads it will need the code in order to open it and to get the access to the code they will be directed to a form where they will have to provide their name and e-mail address so that the code can be sent to them. They will receive the e-book unlock code by agreeing to receive further e-mails and updates from the publisher. In other words by agreeing to the above terms they are actually agreeing to join your mailing list.

This whole process can be run automatically by using an auto-responder. To follow this method of list building there is no need to use a squeeze page, instead you can just offer the e-book as a free download and connect the customers’ name and e-mail address later, when they come back to get the access code.

People are less resistant to the idea of collecting an access code to open something that has already been downloaded than they are to the thought of leaving their information on a squeeze page before anything has been received. Once the e-book is sitting on their hard drive they are keen to open it and read it.

Another thing is the fact that the e-book could be initially downloaded without any prior conditions and this demonstrates to them your trustworthiness. If your e-book has a compelling title you will have achieved two things by giving it away. Initially you would have stirred the customers’ curiosity and second their resistance to giving out their name and e-mail address will have been lowered.

Because of this you can practically guarantee a higher opt in rate than you would expect with the usual squeeze page method. Another option for you is to offer full give away and resale rights with the book. Let the people who download your e-book know that they can either give the book away or sell it at any price they choose and they can keep 100% of the profits.

You are probably now wondering why you should do this! Just think about it. Every time anyone downloads the e-book they are going to have to come to you for the access code and leave their details which you will then add to your email list. This is the reason that you can afford to be so generous, because everybody knows that the money is in the list and the bigger your list grows the more opportunities you will have to sell your products and build a successful internet based home business.

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If you have ever thought of publishing an e-book to promote your internet based home business this article is going to explain to you how easy it is to do. It will only take a couple of hours of work to produce and publish an e-book and upload it to a high traffic website.

Once you have done that there is nothing more that you will need to do with it to start building a subscriber list that you can then use to promote your legitimate internet business and begin to build a customer base, which if you nurture it will continue to grow and give you sales for years to come.

After trying e-book publishing and seeing how well it works, there will be no reason for you not to repeat the process over and over again, using different books to multiply the amount of new leads that will be added to your list.

This is what you will need to make this method work:

1.  An e-book that you can give away.

2.  A way to lock the e-book.

3.  An auto-responder that will collect the names and email addresses for your subscriber list.

Let’s talk about each of these points in turn.

If you don’t already have an e-book that you have written and find this idea too difficult, that is not a problem. The easiest way to publish an e-book is to look for one that you can publish under your own name, in other words find a “Private Label Rights” or PLR product that comes with giveaway rights. All you need to do is search Google to find what you want.

When you have found a PLR e-book that you like and want to use, make sure that it has giveaway rights, as without this you will not be able to use it for this project. Once you have an e-book that is suitable for use, download it to your hard drive. Unzip it and check the contents. A good quality e-book will most probably include a text version of the book in a Word document, which you can then modify. Before making any changes to the book it would be a good idea to read through it and make sure that it is a good product, as you do not want to give away something that has no value.

The first thing that you would then need to change would be the title. Make sure that you include your keywords here. It is essential that you get the title right if you want to attract targeted traffic, so don’t rush this part of the procedure.

The next step would be to add your name to the title pages of the book. Adding an introductory paragraph would also be a good idea. Use your name here as well and also place a link to your website at the end of the book. Also find a few other strategic places in the book where you could add a link to you website or one of the pages of your site.

Once you have completed these tasks and modified the e-book you will need to convert it to a PDF file which can be done with Adobe Acrobat.

You now have an e-book that is ready for use to promote your internet based home business and in my next article we will discuss the importance of locking your e-book and how to do it.

If you have been running  internet based home businesses for any length of time, have you managed to build up a big swipe file? As an internet marketer a swipe file is something you should certainly use for the various aspects of your online business.

This is a fantastic way of never running out of ideas. Many successful internet marketers use a swipe file to store any information that they feel might be useful to them in the future.

So how large is your swipe file?

One thing that all internet marketers have in common is the number of emails that land in their in boxes on a daily basis, which are usually discarded rapidly. If one of them has an eye catching subject line, rather than deleting it save it in your swipe file. When you need some inspiration for an email campaign of your own then your swipe file is the place to get it.

Another use for your swipe file is to store the URLs to some of the best articles you have read. You can refer to these when stuck for subject ideas for articles of your own. Never copy anyone directly just use these articles for the ideas and write your own articles.

Concentrating on a specific program or affiliate product is an excellent way to make money, but you also need to plan ahead, so if you find a good program that you might possibly want to join, the swipe file is there to save it in.

This applies equally to any promising products that you might want to sell. Obviously none of us can sell everything we come across that looks interesting but the internet offers a wonderful opportunity to diversify into different niches and to profit from them so that we are building multiple streams of income. Having a swipe file that we can access when we are looking for ideas for a future website or blog just makes good business sense.

Another great source for great ideas and content is updates you receive via email from some of your favorite blogs. Save these in your swipe file as well as it then becomes a simple task to refer to them very quickly.

So begin right away to build a swipe file and add to it on a regular basis. Your internet home business will benefit enormously and your job will be so much easier if you do this.

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