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We are told over and over again by all the top internet marketers that the money is in the list. In other words you need to build a list of people who are willing to buy goods or services that you recommend to them and the bigger your list the more likely you are to make sales.

There are many businesses on the internet that do not rely on their websites to make money, but do it by building huge opt-in lists of quality prospects. In fact a lot of online businesses use their websites merely as a means to get visitors to give their names and e-mail address in exchange for something of value to them. This could be either a newsletter or a free gift such as an e-book.

By giving you their name and e-mail address, visitors are basically giving you permission to send them information on a regular basis and this is known as a permission-based marketing strategy.

By opting in they are telling you that they would like to hear from you and so long as you continue to give them relevant well written information which is of some benefit to them, they will be more open to your sales pitch.

Below are some suggestions for the best ways to market your product in order to build that list.

1.  Advertise your giveaway product or newsletter in other peoples’ newsletters or e-zines. This type of advertising is not free but it will give you the opportunity to reach thousands of possible prospects.

2.  Publish articles on article directories. This is an excellent way to generate targeted traffic to your website or opt-in link via the resource box at the foot of the article, where you can also add information about yourself and your online business.

These articles are often picked up by other internet marketers who visit these directories in search of fresh content for their own websites or blogs.

3.  Offer to be a guest blogger on other peoples’ blogs if their niche market is the same as yours. Each time you post an article on their blog (only with their permission) you can include a blurb about yourself and a link back to your website or opt-in page.

4.  If you haven’t written your own e-book there are many PLR e-books available to buy with resale or giveaway rights. Write a review on the book and post it on your blog, with a link back to your opt-in page. Advertise it on your opt-in page where the visitor will have to give their name and e-mail address in order to receive the book.

5.  Join some traffic exchanges and make an eye catching squeeze page to use in order to promote your online income marketing business. This will have an opt-in link as well.

6. Add a free sample of your newsletter to your website. By doing this you are showing people that you have confidence in your product and it is an excellent way of encouraging them to sign up.

There are many other ways that you can promote your online opportunities and build a large permission based list of prospects, but one important point to remember is that the newsletter itself must be well written and packed with useful information if you want these prospects to believe in you and trust your judgment when you recommend products or goods that you want them to buy.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that there is no rule that demands you have a website of your own because when it comes to dealing with customers, shipping or product creation this is all taken care of by the affiliate company.

One of the easiest methods of starting an online business and making
money is by becoming an internet affiliate marketer. If you are already working as an affiliate marketer what you want to do more than anything else is to increase the size of your commissions, the question though is how you are going to achieve that objective.

Here are 3 tips that will get you headed in the right direction and they will do it rapidly:

1. Have you chosen the best products to promote? It goes without question that you would like to promote a product that will bring you the best income in the shortest possible period of time.

When choosing the best program or product to promote there are some factors that you need to consider before making a decision. Look for the programs that have a generous commission structure and make sure that you choose products that are suitable for your target audience.

Another important point is to check that the company has a good record of paying their affiliates easily and on time. If a program is not working for you and you have given it a fair trial then do not hesitate to dump it and find another one. There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs online so you can afford to be fussy about what you promote.

2.  Offer free reports or e-books when promoting your affiliate product, remember that there are many other people promoting the same product so by offering your prospective buyer that little bit extra will give you the edge over your competitors. Just be sure that anything you offer as an incentive to buy from you must be something that has value to another person especially if you want to build credibility and brand yourself in the internet marketing world.

3.  Have some means of collecting and saving names and email addresses of anyone who takes advantage of your free offer. It is common knowledge that people very rarely purchase anything the first time they see it.

By having an address where you can email possible prospects and build a elationship with them your ability to make sales will increase enormously and when these people on your list feel that they know and can trust you, and then you will find an exponential growth in your profits.

By making it a habit of getting the names and email addresses of anyone who subscribes to receive your free gift before you send them on to the product owners’ website.

In this way by building your own email list first, these customers will be available to you for future sales instead of only the original sale if you send them directly to the affiliate company.

Begin implementing these strategies into you affiliate marketing plan and before long your online income opportunities will start making money and you will be on your way to having a successful online business.

Whichever option you decide on when starting a legitimate online business from home, and there are many different models to choose from, there is a standard process that needs to be followed to get started correctly.

Every step of this process is essential if you want to create a strong foundation so that your business can be profitable and you can avoid possible future problems. In this article we will take a look at what is involved in getting your legitimate business up and running.

1.  To begin with the first task you must attend to is getting yourself mentally prepared for the work ahead. Many people who try to start an online home business do not follow this step and are unprepared for what lies ahead, with the result that they quit within a very short period of time. Don’t go into this type of business with the preconceived notions that are so freely advertised on the internet about getting rich overnight or that no work is required. This is absolutely untrue.

Like any regular offline business this requires work if you want to be successful and have a profitable business. If you prepare yourself mentally before you begin then your chances of succeeding are much greater.

2.  Next thing you need to do is to start researching the type of legitimate online businesses you might be interested in pursuing. Your choice could be anything from affiliate marketing to a service related type of business which you could operate from your website. What you must do is identify the skill sets that you have that could help you to make money online.

With so many options available to choose from you do not need to narrow your field to one single thing in the beginning; during this part of the process it is more important for you to get a basic list of potential possibilities.

Once you have completed that step it is then time to determine the kind of business you want to have and this is a good time to get some professional advice from a business adviser so that you can make an informed decision and tie up any loose ends that you may have missed.

Now is the time to create a business plan so that you know how you are going to proceed with your online home business so that you can keep it moving forward.

3.  Time for action, this is where it begins to get really exciting but remember that this is where the hard work really begins. You have done the groundwork which is the foundation of any successful online business and is an extremely important step but the planning and execution of that work is equally important.

Don’t get disheartened and consider quitting if it takes a while to start making money. Remember that “Rome wasn’t Built in a Day” it takes time to build any business and make it a success whether it is an online home business or an offline business so allow for the time, work hard and with dedication, the rewards will follow and just enjoy the journey.

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