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For anyone who has legitimate online businesses, the need to drive targeted traffic to your online income opportunities websites is critical. There are several different methods that can be used to generate traffic and here are just some of the more popular methods being used.

1. Search engines and online directories are the main sources used by people looking for information online. By submitting your website to the directories and search engines you are gaining the necessary exposure that is vital to the success of your legitimate online businesses. Without this exposure it does not matter how pretty your website is, nobody will know that it is there!

2.  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is another good method of advertising your online income opportunities and will bring traffic to your website quickly, but just a work of warning – if you do not understand how it works then first get some training or information. This is easily found by looking in search engines such as Google. PPC is not a free resource and without the knowledge you can get easily burned.

3.  Blogging is a great way to start building an email list of subscribers and this is essential to the success of any online business. I am sure that if you have been online even for just a short time you will have heard the saying “the money is in the list” and this is true. By starting a blog and posting valuable information on a regular basis more people will want to return to your blog and by adding an optin form on your blog where visitors can leave their name and email address your list will grow.

4.  Article marketing is one of the best methods of advertising your legitimate online businesses and will brand you and help you to become known as an expert in your field. Write articles and publish them in various article directories and you will build backlinks to your websites and generate targeted traffic. The great thing with article marketing is that the articles you publish will be on the internet for many years and will continue to bring you business long after you have forgotten you even wrote them.

5.  Advertise in ezines with banner ads that are directed towards your target audience and ensure that these adverts are run at least three times. People rarely buy from any ad they see for the first time. It is a know fact that it takes anything up to seven times of seeing something before people actually buy it, so keep this in mind when paying for any advertising and make sure that your budget will allow more than one view if you want to succeed with it.

6.  Advertise on other business websites. Do some research and ensure that these are legitimate online businesses and then approach the webmaster about either swapping an ad with them or offering them a link on your website in exchange for the ad.  Many of these webmasters will be willing to do this either in exchange for one of their adverts appearing on your website or for a fee.

Blogs have turned out to be very popular and they’re even starting to be more well-liked than static websites. A blog is a great way for someone to voice their ideas and opinions as well as advertising their online income opportunities on the internet without too many hassles. There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to blog rather than using a website.

Here are seven of the reasons:                    

1. Straightforward to use Blogs are easy and straightforward to make use of. You do not need to be a PC geek to understand how to create a blog. They are able to be set up easily and any alterations that you may possibly need to make  can be
accomplished very easily. If you compare this to how hard it truly is to access a webpage and altering all those complicated HTML’s it is possible to see why  blogs have become so popular.

2. Making Changes

You can make changes to your blog rapidly without any of the problems that regular websitesite might give you. You can make your alterations to your blog in seconds compared to the hours that it may take to update your static website. When you are updating on daily or weekly basis, this is an excellent reason to make use of a blog versus a website.

3. Delivery

The information you publish on a blog is often delivered swiftly in contrast to the hours it would require using a webpage. If you follow all the necessary steps when you’re updating your blog you may have the information out for your readers in no time due to the fact that the search engines like google select the brand new info rapidly. Whereas with a webpage it might take hours or maybe days for the search engines like google and yahoo to index your new information.

4. Organizing

When adding new info to your blog there’s much less of a headache in the development phase than you would find when you compare it to what is involved in organizing a website. Remember it does not have to be perfect as the software will come behind you and manage it to suit your
needs. With a website you will have to manage all the diverse information by yourself and anybody who has produced an online website will tell you that this can be incredibly confusing sometimes.

5. Communication

It’s simple for your readers to submit any comments or concerns on your blog as it is interactive and this feedback is crucial information that will help you learn what your readers need from you and to keep in contact with them and build a relationship and increase your subscribers. With a website you will not have this opportunity.

6. Cost

Generally blogs are available free of charge to anyone who wants to get set up so the biggest cost to you is your time. Blogs are a fantastic way for any business to avoid wasting money on advertising online income opportunities simply because on a blog your advertising is free.

7. Search Engines

Search engines like Google love blogs. They are so keyword rich that the online crawlers will attach themsleves very quickly. Having a website requires time to generate keyword phrases that serps will really like. These are just some of the reasons why blogs have become so much more popular than regular static websites.

The majority of internet affiliate marketers will tell you that promoting online income opportunities is no walk in the park. They say that when you promote someone else’s product it is much harder because you cannot really give any guarantees. By the way this is actually how affiliate marketing works.

As an affiliate marketer your job is to promote other people’s online income opportunities and although this may sound like a difficult job, in actual fact it is not that hard to do.

Promoting your affiliate websites can start very simply by encouraging your website visitors to try out a specific product that you are endorsing. If you have a blog then this is an excellent way to showcase the product advantageously.

For example one of the products that you are currently promoting is an Xbox that caters to online gamers. The products connected to the Xbox include a range of accessories to downloadable games. Your blog is your online journal similar to a website where you can talk about your everyday living experience and is a perfect place to help your affiliate marketing efforts.

It is really quite simple. For one day you could make a post that goes along these lines…. You are sitting at home not sure what to do to keep yourself occupied when fortunately some friends popped in for a visit and brought with them a brand new Xbox that they had just bought. So you quickly set up the console and all had a wonderful time playing various games.

You need to emphasize how much fun you all had and how your greatest wish is now to buy the same Xbox for yourself. This is the point at which you will mention the affiliate website that you are promoting and you can go on to tell them how much money they can save if they place an order through this website. Make sure to include  the link with your affiliate code.

Here is another example of the same thing….you have a blog and your affiliate product is the Nintendo Wii. You could then use very similar wording to the example above just naming the Nintendo Wii instead of the Xbox. You know the drill; just keep in mind to always say good things about the company to which you are affiliated when you introduce their product into the conversation.

By making use of your blog as a means to promoting your online income products and opportunities you are doing this in a less threatening way. People buy things from an emotional perspective and it makes no difference what the product or service is, so by introducing them to the idea of whatever it is that you are selling in a conversational way they do not feel pressured and are far more likely to be open to what you are promoting.

With this method of promoting of your online income opportunities and affiliate products you will find that the task is much easier. Just make the best out of your advertisement by simply using your blog to your best advantage. It is like telling a story and at the same time encouraging your audience. That is what effective marketing is all about.

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