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It is common knowledge that the majority of internet marketers and especially those who are new to the internet hate the idea of writing articles. Personally when I first started out the thought of having to write and market articles as a tool for my legitimate online business was absolutely terrifying, however at a time when this method of marketing could make a dramatic difference to how well my online business would succeed it was a method well worth learning about.

There are numerous people online who really enjoy writing articles whether it is to promote their product or just as a means to display their knowledge in a particular niche and then you get others who would rather do anything so long as it didn’t involve writing articles. The main difference between these two groups of people is that one is prepared and has a method in place to quickly and effectively write articles while the other group has no set plan at all.

Here are some article marketing tips to help you get started as an efficient and prolific article writer:

1.  One of the best methods to follow is to begin by setting up an outline for the article you intend writing. This will help you to prepare the type of article ideas that you want to write about and make the article flow. By using an outline you can start with the initial idea that you have for your article and plan for the succeeding steps. This will not only make writing the article easier but will also speed up the whole process.

2.  Instead of sitting down and thinking about the different sections of the article, an outline will give you a clear picture of the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Once you have this down then you can brainstorm the ideas and sentences that you feel would add to and compliment the article and would improve the impact that it may have on your reader.

These points will make your article so much more interesting and appealing to your readers. Imagine if you were the reader and think of the kind of things that you would find most interesting and that would keep you wanting to read more.

3.  Review the ideas that you have written down and research whatever information you may need to find out more about, and become familiar with the topic so that when you write the article it will be easy. Allow yourself only a certain time frame in which to complete these steps.

4.  After determining the sub topic and the sub titles of the article, if your article has definite sections you will then be able to make them clear for your readers when you make use of sub titles.

Once this is done you can start to add the “meat” to the article, you will need to connect all the various paragraphs and sub topics to form the body of the article.

You have your introduction that leads into the ideas of what your article is about and you will also need a conclusion to emphasize your points and the purpose of your article while the body tells the rest of the story.

5.  Make it a habit to always proof read your article when you have finished writing to check for any errors in spelling etc. and to be sure that the article flows and that it makes sense. It is so easy to get caught up in a sentence that can make you go off at a tangent, so checking what you have written is extremely important if you want people to read and enjoy your work.

Article marketing is an important method of promoting your legitimate online business as it helps to brand you in the marketplace; it increases backlinks to your website and generates tons of targeted traffic.

A Review of the Affiliate Power Group

I got involved in internet marketing about 2 years ago by signing up for a “cookie cutter” website that came with 30 days of free training. Although I knew that this was a legitimate online business I found that for someone with no knowledge of internet marketing I was literally drowning and needed considerable help. This was when I found The Affiliate Power Group (APG) This is an online coaching group aimed at both beginners and more experienced online business website owners who need help getting more traffic and sales. If you are considering joining the Affiliate Power Group then I am sure that you would like to find out more about it before you actually sign up as a member. Here is some information into what you can expect to get for your money so that you can decide whether it is the right thing for you. This is what the Members of the Affiliate Power Group receive and it applies to every single member: 1.  Five experienced and successful internet marketing coaches in a private forum. 2.  A twelve week traffic action plan. 3.  A learning center that is filled with videos and training guides on internet marketing. 4.  A download area that contains hundreds of MRR and PLR articles and e-books for you on a variety of home business and internet marketing niche topics. 5.  Help to build a website. 6.  Ready made niche affiliate WordPress blogs at big discounts. 7.  A free WordPress install (non trial members only) 8.  Ten new MRR/PLR e-books every month on home business, internet marketing and niche topics. 9.  One hundred or more new PLR articles every single month. Maybe now you are wondering what the Private Forum is like: The first thing that you will probably notice when you visit the forum is just how friendly it is. There are some forums that will either shoot you down or ignore you when you ask a question that has already been answered on the forum. This is not the sort of treatment you will get with the APG. With this group you will find that there is no such thing as a stupid question and both the staff and the members are a friendly community who are always ready and willing to help. It is the type of community where everyone helps each other. The forum is made up of a few different sections including a section on generating traffic, search engine optimization a general marketing section and the most important of all is the 1 – 1 coaching section where you will not only get an in-depth critique of your website and marketing techniques but you will also get constructive suggestions on how you can improve. The Training and Action Plan is covered by numerous topics both in the step by step action plans and in the video training and all of them are aimed at helping you to become a successful online business marketer in whatever niche you have chosen. Who is the Affiliate Power Group not right for and what is not included? Training is not included on product creation by the APG, so if you are looking to create a product of your own you will discover that it is not covered in the training. If however you already have a product and need help with traffic, conversion or techie stuff then in all probability you will find the coaching very useful. Will the Affiliate Power Group be right for me? If you are totally new to online business and don’t really know how to get started then the Affiliate Power Group is a good choice to get you going on the right track for success, with your own website and a marketing plan. On the other hand if you already have a website of your own but need technical help or more traffic and sales then the APG will be very beneficial from both the action plan and learning center and also from the 1 – 1 coaching section in the forum. What does it Cost? You can get a 10 day trial for just $1 and then $39.95 per month. If you feel that you would like to be a member for more than a few months you can save money by opting for a quarterly price of $109.95 or an annual price of $297. The annual price will save you 38%. I joined 2 years ago when I first started my online business with the intention of remaining for one year and I am so happy with the help I have received that I am still a member with no intention of leaving.- To sign up for the 10 day trial of the Affiliate Power Group for $1 just click on the banner below:

There are a variety of reasons why affiliate marketing is such a popular method of making money online and these are because it is relatively easy to maintain, the amount of capital required to get started is minimal and it does not take a huge amount of effort when you compare it to other ways of online business marketing where you would need to create products.

One point that you do need to remember is that because you are only earning a percentage of each sale there are some techniques that must be utilized if you want to maximize your affiliate online income.

Initially it is essential that you learn to build credibility and trust with the target audience with whom you intend doing business. Credibility will help you make the original sale but it is trust that will bring these people back to you whenever they want to buy something. What this means is that as you continue to build a list of buyers and as the list grows so you will gain more and more repeat buyers which means more money for you.

Another really important point is to ensure that you have a central point from which to contact your target market, prospective customers and the people who have bought from you in the past. Having a central point makes it so much easier to promote any new products to everyone at the same time.

This is where having a list of email subscribers is so vital as you can contact them whenever you want to and it is a good idea to not only contact them when you have something to sell but keep in touch with newsletters and useful information from time to time as well as this is what builds the relationship of trust and credibility.

Remember also that when you sell affiliate products online you are promoting products that possibly hundreds of other affiliate marketers are also promoting and usually the person who is the first to make contact is the one who gets the sale. This is the reason why having an email list and being able to contact your subscribers quickly will maximize your efforts and your profits.

You should also take into consideration the niche you are marketing in and the type of products that are available. In some niches there is a constant stream of new products for example the “make money” niche. In this niche it seems like new products come out all the time but there are other niches where the same products are still being promoted six months down the line and they are still popular.

There are a multitude of techniques that can be employed to get the best benefits for your affiliate marketing efforts but it is important to ensure that your foundation is set. You must be in a niche that is active where you have new products available on a regular basis and at different prices and you must take the time to build an email list and a good relationship with your subscribers so that you can have a firm base of people to whom you can promote your affiliate products.

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