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As the job market continues to be unstable more and more people are turning to home based businesses. Although this is a popular and viable means of earning an income while working from home, and being your own boss sounds great there is a question that you need to ask yourself.

Is running a home based business the right thing for me?

The truth is that unfortunately there are some home based businesses that would be better off if they were run from either an office or a storefront. Here are some indicators that your home based business would most probably be more successful if it was moved out of the home and into a more appropriate setting.

The main thing to look at here is the type of needs that apply to your particular business. This includes things such as workspace, storage any equipment that may be necessary and the number of employees you need. There are times when it is just impossible to cram all of this into just a few rooms, never mind a single office.

In certain cases though, many of these businesses that need a lot of equipment such as a catering business can be very successfully run from home, but eventually the need to move to bigger premises will arise as the business expands.

Another point to take into account is whether your home offers a client friendly environment. In many cases a home based business will at some stage need to be available for a client to visit. Of course they will understand that not only will they be entering your place of business but that it is also your home, but this does not mean that sitting in your living room surrounded by all sorts of equipment and noisy kids is acceptable. At the very least you should have a designated area that affords you the opportunity to create a professional setting so that your clients can feel comfortable.

When making a decision about whether or not your business idea is viable to run from home, you must focus on not only the present but also the future. When first starting out there can be a number of possible benefits to running a business from home particularly the fact that your overheads will be less, but this may not be sufficient reason to justify not getting a storefront or office.

When you run a home based business

, there is little chance of getting any walk in business other than people who may answer your ads. People don’t usually walk around in residential areas looking for particular services.

Over a period of time not only will your business hit a ceiling that it cannot get past, but there are other physical restriction that will hold you back especially when it comes to equipment and employees. It is important if you start off at home in a business that would be more suitable elsewhere, that you set up a plan to move when the need to expand arises. Don’t leave this decision until it is too late; make sure that you have it in place right from the beginning so that when the time comes you are ready for it.

In theory every business can be run from a home base. The point here is that this does not mean that every business should be run from home. When deciding what will work best for you, make sure that you go through all the facts and be realistic before making your final decision.

If you have spent any time at all online I am pretty sure that you have heard all the wonderful stories about the income opportunities and affiliate marketing businesses that can be found online, and how quickly and easily you will be making money, once it is all set up.       

It is true that affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods of earning an income online and there are many people who do make a full time income out of it. Think about how great it would be if you could quit your job and spend your time working from home and earning money through affiliate marketing programs, while at the same time being able to spend time with your family and friends.

The reason that affiliate marketing is so popular is that it costs you very little to get started! There is however a lot of effort required, but when you think about it, every new venture needs some effort if it is going to be successful.

So how do you get started in an online affiliate marketing business?  Here is a step by step guide:

1.  The first step you need to think about is the type of business niche. This is important as it will make a big difference in the type of products that you want to promote. Some kind of uniformity in items needs to be maintained when it comes to selling products as it will make a difference when you want to identify your target market and the people who will be interested in what you are selling.

2. In simple terms, what having an affiliate marketing business means is that you are getting paid to help sell other peoples’ products. It is therefore essential (for your own reputation) that you only sell products of a high quality.

Selling products that are inferior would make you look like a bad seller and will no doubt ruin your reputation. This is definitely not a good idea, especially when you are just beginning a new business venture. It is a much better idea to have only a few products available that are good quality, than to have a marketplace full of products that you are not confident will do what they claim. So choosing your products
carefully is absolutely necessary.

3. Step number 3 involves your website or blog. It is very important to have one that looks good and is easy to navigate. If you have too many ads on it, there is a possibility that people will not be all that willing to take notice of your recommendations.

Write interesting and informative articles or reviews and be sure that you discreetly limit your ads to a certain number. Another point is don’t make your site too flashy. People generally prefer a site that is simple to navigate but still is pleasing to the eye and not filled with graphics to the point of being distasteful.

Put an online marketing strategy into place and then take action. There are a variety of internet marketing methods to choose from and there are always one to two that will fit any budget. Choose the methods that you feel would suit your business best and get started.

Keep in mind that this is the way that you will get visitors to your site, and this is key to running an affiliate marketing business online, because without targeted traffic you will not make sales and you need to make sales if your aim is having a successful online business.

3 Main Elements of a Successful Squeeze Page

If you have a squeeze page that does not convert well you are wasting your time, money and essential resources. A squeeze page that is badly constructed will mean that your legitimate online opportunities will lack the benefit of good conversions and you will have to drive twice as much traffic to your squeeze page before you get enough people signing up to your subscriber list.               

It is difficult enough getting people to your squeeze page, so you need to make sure that once you get them there, you get them onto your subscriber list.

What is amazing is that the fundamentals of setting up a squeeze page are really quite simple, but so many people overlook them completely. If you want a page that converts successfully, then keep these basic steps in mind.

1.  When setting up a squeeze page the key point to focus on is that your squeeze page has one purpose and that is to encourage the person to join your list. There is absolutely no point in someone visiting your page only to be distracted by an advertisement that will move them on to some other website. Your job here is to keep them focused on your message at all times. For this reason you want to have as few external links as you possibly can.

2.  Another thing to remember, in keeping with the simplicity theme is the visual focal point. If you want your visitors to opt-in, they must be able to see the opt-in box clearly without being distracted by hundreds of images, be sure that the opt-in box is placed above the fold and that it stands out. A good way to do this is to leave plenty of white space around the box, and this will draw your visitor’s eye to it in a natural way.

3.  It is important that you give your visitor a reason to opt-in. So many people use squeeze pages or ask for personal information that you will get better results if you offer a gift with some value to your visitor.

This could be anything that can be delivered via email. Some of the more common gifts include things like e-books, reports graphics packages, videos or tutorials. No matter what you offer, just make sure that it is something related to your target market.  If for example you are in the “How to Lose Weight” business, there is no point in offering an e-book
on “Puppy Dog Training”.

The final thing here is that if you want to maximize your conversion rate, don’t ask your visitor for too much information. People who have squeeze pages where they ask for everything such as – name, address, phone number, date of birth etc. This is a sure fire way to send your visitor running. A number of studies have proven that people are not willing to give their personal details away so easily, so the less you ask for, the better your conversion rate will be.

Limit the details you ask for to their first name and email address, and once they join your list it then becomes your responsibility to build a relationship with them and let them get to know more about you so that they can learn to trust you.

Get all of these elements right on your squeeze page and you will find that your conversions will improve enormously. Keep in mind that your squeeze page has one purpose, deliver just the one message and see that your opt-in box is clearly visible and above the fold, and offer a gift of value. If you do all of this you will be far more successful with building your subscriber list.

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