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It is a known fact that you can make money online just by blogging, but many internet marketers think that all they need to do is add some type of advertising or merely promote affiliate offers. In fact there are many indirect ways to make money from your blog, that the majority of legitimate online businesses can benefit from indirectly by having a blog.  

Here are some ideas of different ways that you can profit indirectly from your business blog. A fairly common way to profit indirectly from you blog is through speaking or consulting engagements. If you are recognized as an expert in your field people will want to ask for your advice and opinion and
many people will happily pay for it. Although this is more suited to some niches than others, it is still a method that is used widely.

If blogging forms part of your legitimate online business strategy then there is always a possibility that you will receive offers of employment, most probably on a contract basis, just because the company liked your blog. Today many of the larger companies’ are aware that bloggers, through blogging have actively shown their particular expertise within a given field. Your blog can do more to promote your skills than any resume could.

Another income opportunity that would help you make more money online is through writing deals. There are various ways that this could happen, for example; as a freelance writer. Many of the most successful freelance writers have websites of their own, because it is such a wonderful tool. There is also the possibility of offline writing jobs such as articles for newspapers or magazines and many bloggers have found paid positions in some of these companies.

Finally, something else you should not discount is the potential connections that you can make through your online business blog. There are so many different people that you can meet in your particular industry and one of them could very well be your future business partner. People who will read your blog will obviously have the same or similar interest as you do or will also share the same type of expertise in your field, and there is no reason why you should not create a JV opportunity together, that would benefit both of you.

So with all of this in mind I am sure that you can see the huge potential that you can derive indirectly from your online business blog. It is not necessary to overload your blog with banner ads and all sorts of offers just to make a profit (although a few do make your blog more interesting). If you have good content on your blog you can still end up by receiving more offers than you ever dreamed was possible.

Begin with the Basics when You First Start Blogging

Practically everyone who is connected to the internet today has a blog. With the advent of internet marketing many technologically savvy business owners are using blogs to build credibility and manage relationships with their customers. It is a great way to share their company’s culture and other information which can improve their credibility and help build interest in their products and services with their customers.      

When people first became aware of blogs online they were mainly used as a journal where a blogger could express an opinion or discuss whatever subject interested them. From there it then evolved into a good vehicle for making money online in a variety of ways, such as offering expert services selling affiliate products  or selling advertising space to name a few.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger, you need to be aware of some problems that you may encounter, and be ready to handle them if they arise. Start off with the basics of blogging, that is; choosing installing and configuring your blog software tools. Although the assortment of configurations varies, someone who is new to blogging can still easily get confused.

Choosing the right software tools is really up to you. If you have enough money or you want to get serious and earn an online income, it may be worth your while to go for priced blog software tools, but if you are new to it all then there are many free options available that work perfectly well.

One good point is that some providers who charge for their services will also offer a free trial period, which could be anywhere from 10 days to 30 days, and it may be worth using an opportunity like this to test out the services that they offer.

There are some blogging terminologies that you need to know as blogging pretty much has a language of its own and you will need to learn it. For anyone who is technologically savvy, it will not take long to familiarize themselves with the language, but for people who have limited knowledge of web publishing it may be a bit more difficult.

Let’s start with the most important term in blogging and that is “Post”. A post is what happens every time you publish or place something on your blog. This is also the way that you create a post when you want to impart some information or talk about something of interest to you or your readers.

The second thing is that because blogs are a form of communication, comments are also possible. If any of your readers have an opinion about something you have posted on your blog they will leave a message or comment related to that particular post, and this message is called a comment.

There is one important thing that you must be aware of, that is frowned upon by internet marketers generally, and that is spamming. When people leave comments on a blog that have no relation to the post on which they leave it, and all they do in their message is promote themselves or their product, this is called spam. Whatever you do as a blogger, don’t spam other peoples’ blogs and do not allow anyone to spam your blog either.

These are just a few of the basics of blogging that you need to be aware of and learning to blog is a wonderful experience, one that is well worth pursuing. If you want to make money online or build credibility for your online business, blogging is a great way to do it and it is really cost effective.

It is not important whether your emails are good or not if your email list of subscribers never get to read them. Email delivery is a problem that has bugged list building online marketers for many years.  Spam filters continue to get stronger, and keep creating more rules that must be followed. Fortunately though, there are some simple methods that can be implemented to improve the email delivery rate, and here are five simple methods that will give you a better chance of your emails actually being delivered to your subscriber lists inbox instead of ending up in their spam filters.

1.  Instant Trigger Words
There are certain words that will instantly set off alarm bells for the spam filters. If you learn how to identify these keywords you will be able to remain under the radar. There are a variety of software options available to help you identify the trigger phrases and a lot of the email delivery service providers offer at least one of the options as part of their package. When you discover which words or phrases set spam filters off you can then become creative and work around them.                                                 

2.  Encourage Your Email Subscriber List to be More Active
One method that some of the most common email providers use to increase their spam detection is to track which emails the average reader in opening and which ones are promptly deleted. So to be sure that spam filters continue to ignore you, it is essential that your email list is actually opening the emails that you send and also that they are not marking them as spam. The best way around this situation is to be sure that you give your readers what they want from you and keep what they don’t want to a minimum.

3.  Track the Complaints You may Receive
A good method of staying in the spam filters good books is to always track any complaints received. It is important to take notice of what people say when they opt out of your email list. Getting complaints is part of any online business or any business for that matter because it is impossible to please everyone all the time, and you cannot change an entire email marketing campaign just to please one person. At the same time though, it is important that you keep track of any complaints so that you can address any problems that may be coming up on a regular basis.

4.  Make it a Habit to Clean Your Email List Regularly
Your reputation can be tarnished very quickly by hard bounces. A few are not going to do any damage, but you run the risk of being flagged as a spammer if the rate of hard bounces increases. By actively keeping your email list clean you will not only avoid wasting money by paying for undelivered emails but it is a sloppy way to keep control of your online business. There are some email delivery services that will automatically do this for you and in this case you have no need to worry.

5.  Let People Know Upfront what You Intend Doing
One of the worst things you can do is hide from your list. If you intend sending them an email everyday then let them know upfront in their welcome email that this is what you are going to do. There are companies who send a daily email to their list and they continue to get good reviews because their subscribers know what to expect from them. Most people have the unsubscribe option at the bottom of their emails, a good idea is to let people know right at the top of the email that this is where the unsubscribe link is, otherwise you run the risk of people not noticing and instead of opting out they will flag you as a spammer.

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