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Search engines are still a good source of getting traffic to your website and will most probably remain a main player for many years to come. This is the reason why it is so important to optimize your website and have a good strategy in place for the search engines if you hope to continue receiving long term targeted traffic. While website structure is essential for ease of use as far as your visitors are concerned, you also need to ensure that your site remains search engine friendly as well.

Here are some tips to improve your website structure for your search engine optimization efforts:                                                                                                                         

1.  Name Sections and sub-sections on your website by making use of your keywords. In other words if you utilize your section names with the main keywords you are targeting and you have enough content to create a section on your website, then there is a pretty good possibility that other people are also looking for the same type of information, which can improve your SEO tremendously.

2.  Get rid of redundancy. This is something that has always been a problem in the creation of website structures and it is even more obvious with blogs. It is a problem that almost everyone will experience at some stage. What happens is that you finish up with several categories or sections that are almost identical. For example, you could have one category for Windows Operating Systems and another that is Window 7 and as you can see these categories are both covering pretty much the same topic. The only thing that is different between them is that the one category is general and the other is specific. What will happen over a period of time is that you will want to publish a post or a page under both of these categories, and this will become a problem because if you split the links you will not have any control over which category ends up getting liked to by others. There is the chance that if each post contains five links then you could end up having ten links to one single post. Even more disturbing is that where your competition may have seven links to one single post in one single category, not only will they finish up with more back-links than you for just one post  but truthfully you could have been way ahead of them with a better website structure.

3.  Keep the tiers to a minimum. It is very important in order to get the benefit of search engine optimization (SEO) that you limit the number of tiers in your website structure. Normally a website will have five to seven main pages on their navigation bar, and each of these pages will then have various sub-pages which are considered the second tier. It is better not to go beyond this to the third tier as the search engine spiders will only index a portion of a website on any visit and if you take the ties too deep more than likely some of the pages will not be indexed.

There are a varied number of methods with which you can structure your website to gain the benefit of effective SEO or at the very least make your site more search engine friendly, and the good thing is that in the majority of cases these steps will also make navigation easier for your visitors.

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This article is courtesy of but I felt it is one that I really wanted to share with my readers and subscribers. There is a lesson here that we all can learn from, enjoy it.  Michelle

You may have heard the old story about the world’s most dedicated
fisherman. He had out-fished his companion all morning long. They
used the same live bait, the same equipment and fished together in
the same mountain stream. But he had almost caught his limit of fish
while his friend had yet to catch even one.

“What’s your secret?” asked the friend. “I haven’t even gotten a

The angler mumbled an unintelligible answer, causing his companion
to ask again.

The successful fisherman emptied the contents of his mouth into a
cupped hand and replied: “I said, ‘You have to keep your worms warm.'”

Talk about dedication. But did you know there are at least three
types of fresh water fishermen (or fisherwomen, if that fits

First, there are those who fish for sport. They like to “catch and
release,” quickly throwing their catch back into the water. For
these anglers, it’s all about recreation.

Then there are those who fish because they like the taste of fish.
They are selective. They only keep the fish they will someday eat.

Finally, there are those who fish because they are hungry. If they
don’t catch, they don’t eat. It is important for this group to
succeed, and they are fully dedicated to what they do.

Whether or not we fish or even eat fish, there is a lesson to be
learned here. We are most likely to succeed when we approach a task
fully dedicated. Especially if the task before us is difficult or
there seems little likelihood of success. Whether we want to patch a
relationship, build a new business, write that first novel, kick a
drug habit, or go back to school, we should see how willing we are
to do what it takes – even if it means keeping the worms warm.

There are two important questions I ask myself to see just how
dedicated I am. Question number one: “How much do I want this?” When
some people fish, if they don’t catch, they don’t eat. Some things
are too important for me to risk failure. So how much do I want to
succeed at this relationship, this career or this dream?

The other question I ask is similar: “How hard am I willing to
work?” If ‘success’ only comes before ‘work’ in the dictionary, I
may have to work harder than I’ve ever worked before. But if I want
it enough, the hard work will be worth it.

“Always bear in mind,” said Abraham Lincoln, “that your own
resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”
And that is where it always begins: with a whole-hearted resolution
to succeed – in a task, in a calling, in a life.

How much do I want this? And, how hard am I willing to work? Start
there, and great things can happen.

— Steve Goodier

Whether you have just started out as a legitimate online business entrepreneur or you have been around for a while, one of the best methods to build a successful online business and also one of the cheapest ways to become known as an expert in your field, to brand yourself and generate targeted traffic to your website is through article marketing.

If you find the idea of article writing scary, here are some easy article writing tips to get you started, and before you know it you will be a professional:

1.   To begin with you need to find a topic that is related to your specific business. Once you have a topic write down ten reasons why someone should buy your product or service. When you have your ten reasons written down write a small paragraph on each one of them and explaining why in more detail.

2.  Write an introductory paragraph that introduces your ten reason list. For example if your ten reasons are related to eating a healthy diet, you could begin by mentioning how being overweight affects your general health and well-being and how the lack of energy makes everything seem difficult to do. Then continue with how changing your eating plan improved your life.

3.  After the opening paragraph you will add in the paragraphs related to the ten reasons, and the closing paragraph of your article will be used to sum up everything you have written in the article up to this point. This is the part where you also encourage your reader to take action on everything you have just discussed with them.

Congratulations you have just completed an online article writing exercise! Now all you need to do is get the article published to your online home based business blog or website and you have started the first step towards building a business.

If after reading this you still feel unhappy about writing your own articles, or you are limited by the time you have available for article writing, you do have the choice of hiring a ghost writer to do the writing for you and you can still benefit from  article marketing. Ghost writers will write unique articles for you that then belong to you. You can post these articles onto your own website or alternatively you can get them published in article directories where many more people will see them and because your own them will have your name as the author.

So keeping all of this in mind, there is absolutely no reason why anyone cannot benefit from article marketing. Get some articles out there and start to generate targeted traffic to your online home based business as effective article marketing is still on of the cheapest and best ways around to make money online.



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