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A lot of people think they have all the ingredients needed to achieve their online income goals. They have a positive mindset, they have the emotional fortitude to last in the long run and they have the technical expertise involved in achieving whatever their goals are.  However, there are some people who get sidetracked and end up not achieving their goals at all.

They get blindsided by some obstacles that greet them midway, or worse, just when they are almost at the point of success. What a lot of people do not realize is that they can actually get rid of these obstacles early in the game, even before taking the first steps in realizing their goals.  The thing is to actually identify these obstacles or risks as soon as possible. With these obstacles removed early in the process, the goal setter is assured of a smoother ride in achieving it.                                   

Risks are generally a huge obstacle in realizing online income goals.  The point is that, risks are present everywhere, and they cannot be avoided.  However, they can be dealt with and removed so that they do not become hindrances in the realizing of a goal.

One has to identify how big and “conquerable” the risks are.  Once the risks are understood, the goal setter can then formulate strategies to deal with them.

First, the risk has to be specified.  The link between the risk and the goal has to be known, as well as the size of this risk and its particular impact.  The risk may be minimal if it has a low potential impact.

The next thing to be identified about the risk is the probability of it actually occurring.  Is there a high probability of it occurring, or is it unlikely to occur at all?  The time and energy of the goal setter may be better spent on other issues if the probability of this risk occurring is lower.

Of course, the pros and cons should also be looked at.  Will the benefits of overcoming the risk outweigh the potential damage it may bring?  Once the impact and probability of the risk have been determined, and whether the advantages of pursuing the goal despite these risks is worth it, then additional advice from a mentor or a knowledgeable friend may be considered.

There should be no stopping a person from pursuing their online income goal but what must be remembered, is that if the advantages of achieving the goal outweighs the potential damage of a risk, then there is no point in being afraid of tackling this goal.

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Targeting local organic traffic and using local SEO has become a big part of internet marketing over the last couple of years and the main reason for this is because there are so many more businesses around. As a matter of fact it is estimated that there are approximately close to thirty million small businesses just in the United States and at least 80% of their first time purchasers have found them by looking on search engines.     

Because of this, local visibility has become more important than ever before. It is not important whether you are a work from a home business or a large corporation, by employing a local search engine optimization strategy it is possible to directly increase the amount of first time buyers.  You do not need to create a complicated local SEO strategy in order to encourage local business, there are a few easy steps that you can implement to generate more sales.

One of the easiest things to do, particularly if you are a home based business, is to just claim the profiles of your business that are already in existence. You would probably be amazed by how many search engines and major websites already have your business profile online. Included amongst the most common examples are Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. If you go through all the verification steps, you will then be able to claim your business profile and modify it so that it is easier for people to find, and also to be sure that the information is actually correct and useful.

It is essential that you take control of the information that is already in existence about your business online. The majority of local listings come through aggregation sites that search through the internet collecting the information that can then be displayed in a single place. If for some reason these aggregation sites find information that is not right about your business it is possible that they will be unaware that they are displaying something that is incorrect. Something that is quite common is that phone numbers or addresses are incorrectly displayed.  The result of this is that a possible customer may be trying to contact you and the data is inaccurate. In the majority of cases they will not try too hard to contact you, but will just move on to the next local business in the same niche as you.

It would also be a good idea for you to create your own central data location. There are thousands of information aggregation sites on the internet that contain information about your business and the best method to leverage this exposure and create more local organic traffic would be to have a place where any potential customer goes directly and this could either be your own website or a social network site, for example a Facebook Fanpage. This will ensure that any customer, no matter where they learn about your business, will be sent to the same place. You must allow these sites to send you traffic, but at the same time you need to still be able to take control of this traffic as quickly as you can.

So you can see from this that there are numerous methods that you can use to benefit from local organic traffic for your business. The main thing is understanding the key to why local search engine optimization strategies are important to your business and how you can best leverage the aggregation sites. The three main steps you can take is to be sure to claim all of your business profiles that are already in existence, to take control over that information that is being displayed with regards to your business, specifically the phone numbers and the address, and finally you must make sure that you have a central location to which all of this organic traffic is sent such as your own website or a social network profile.

There are a number of methods available that can be applied when it comes to building links to your online business website. You have the choice of doing the necessary work manually, paying someone to do the work for you or you can use link building programs. The cheapest method is obviously the first one, but the disadvantage is that it takes an enormous amount of time and for this reason it may be worthwhile to consider using one or both of the alternative options.          

The majority of people starting an online business begin with a very limited budget, and in this case doing the work yourself is not a bad idea as it not only saves you money but also gives you some understanding about how the whole system works. At a later stage as your online business grows and you begin to generate an income then using one of the link building programs or hiring a service to look after this aspect of your business may be worth considering.

The process of manually building links to your website can be quite tedious and it takes a great deal of time and effort, as you will need thousands of links if you want your website to compete successfully. So using an alternate method can be very advantageous as it frees up your time for more exciting and enjoyable tasks which are also important in building an online business.

There are a variety of different link building programs available that all offer different sorts of time saving aspects with regards to building links to your website and many of them are free.

You can use a program called Link Building Solutions, which offer a link building plan that is not only unique but it is also free. They only accept high quality websites into their network and the way it works is each qualified member of the program agrees to link to other members within the same program, and the great thing here is that these are all one-way links, as the sites that you link to do not need a link back.

Another program that offers one-way links is the Hand Submit One-Way Links Program that has been online for many years and does business in modern times but maintains old fashioned ethics. Every website included in the program is genuine and is backed by solid hard working internet marketers. The company has a motto “Old fashioned service on the New Frontier”. This program is not free and charges an annual fee.

A program that sells one-way links for as little as 13 cents each is Link Dominators and the way it works is that it posts content on various blogs on your behalf and pings and submits to RSS feeds.

Fast Directory Submitter is a free link building program where you enter your website profile and description just once and then you can submit your site to thousands of directories.

These are just 3 of the possible link building programs you can use to build links back to your online business website, but there are many more available which are well worth thinking about as the time and effort that will save you can make all the difference in the success of your online business.

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