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The Best ways to Promote Your Website

What are the best ways to promote your website? This question is very common with new internet marketers, and seriously, this can be a tricky process if you don’t know how to go about getting traffic. Yes, it is possible to have a cool and well functioning website with many products but if there is no traffic coming to the site it will just be like owning a swimming pool without water in it.

As happens with every aspect in life, there are processes for getting traffic to your site and familiarizing yourself with all these procedures will only help you more because more traffic means more sales and more money in your pocket. The following pointers are some of the best ways to promote your website.

Article Writing and Submission                           

Writing quality and informative articles is the number one pointer to help you get traffic to your site. Only when your articles are educational and informative will you have more prospects and visitors.

Submission of these articles to article directories will also help popularize the articles and make people know more about your online business. Since top article sites like ezine articles and buzzle allow publishers to post your articles on their sites, it is very necessary to come up with top quality articles that will help people solve their many problems.


One of other best ways to promote your website is blogging. Since blogs are mostly an open source based website, search engines crawl them a lot and because of this, blogs can pull in traffic more quickly than a static website. You can have a blog where you discuss the latest developments in the industry or talk about your products and the more people who know about your blog the more they will be coming to your site. It is even possible to get the emails of your prospects from this blog.


Yet another way to get your website promoted is by bookmarking. There are various bookmarking sites on the internet today that will allow you to describe your site and allow people to know more about your products.  Proper usage of these bookmarking sites can pull in traffic super quick.  Bookmarking however can take a lot of your time so it might be worthwhile to consider purchasing a software program to automate the process.
Visiting Forums

There are forums for every niche available on the internet today. These forums are where like-minded people visit to discuss various issues on a particular niche. What you need to do is to visit these online forums and answer or post questions regarding any subject. When you answer a question you just need to leave a back-link to your site to let people know you are an authority on the topic.

Posting Ads

Another very cool way of letting people know about your site is by posting ads. You can create an ad describing your products or site and post them on various classified ads websites online.

These five pointers are some of the best ways to promote your website.

Some Ideas On How To Get Traffic To A Blog

Figuring out how to get traffic to a blog is probably more important than writing the blog itself, especially if you intend to be profitable. It would be unthinkable for you to set up a business without considering the potential of the market; you’d end up without customers. The same goes for your blog. You can’t possibly spend a lot of your time and energy writing up and fixing up your blog without considering if you can produce some kind of audience. Here are some ways by which you can rustle up some readership.

1. Tap Into Search Engines

You can think of search engines as huge rivers of visitors seeking information on the Web. Just like the early farmers, you’ll want to be able to divert at least some part of this river toward your website or blog. This means you’ll need the know-how, and this means learning the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). SEO are the techniques for getting your website or blog listed as high as possible on search engine results pages. This is often referred to as ranking “organically” based on the relevance of your blog’s content. Getting high search engine ranking requires you to learn about and understand how keywords work, then sprinkle your blog content with these keywords in strategic places. This lets the search engines pick out and discover your site, and then allows its internal algorithms to figure out how relevant your content is relative to what people are searching for.

SEM involves bidding on specific keywords and writing ad copy that shows up on the search engine results page based on your bid. Getting your SEM initiatives right will quickly get you traffic, but this will cost you every time someone clicks on your ad on the search engine results page.

There are hundreds of free and paid SEO and SEM resources on the Web, but the best place to start is Google’s own guidelines for webmasters.

2. Cultivate Backlinks and Referrals

Equally important for getting traffic to your blog is getting other sites to link back to yours. This allows you to exploit the audiences generated by other bloggers. There are a number of ways you can do this. First, you can search for forums and blogs that share the same subject matter you write about. You can then participate in the discussions in the forums, demonstrating your expertise in the subject matter and then eventually pointing people back to your blog for more information. On similar blogs, you can leave comments and also post links back to your site.

3. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the other social media networks each open up a channel for you to reach out to and interact with your friends, followers and subscribers. You can build a community around your brand and engage them in two-way communication, gently nudging your members toward your blog.

These basics are just the tip of the iceberg; there are more options for how to get traffic to a blog. But getting these three right will ensure that people will find your work on the Web.

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Profitable Online Businesses For You To Start

Setting up profitable online businesses and striking it big continue to lure dreamy-eyed entrepreneurs and aspiring business moguls. The success of many online ventures provides clues and templates to how we can cash in on the frictionless economy envisioned by the Internet pioneers, but these barely scratch the surface of the Web’s true potential for transforming the economy. Nevertheless, some business models have demonstrated that they can be profitable. Here are some online businesses you may want to start.

1. Targeted Ad Agency                                                                       

The outlook for traditional tri-media ad agencies has become bleaker with each passing year. Some have ventured into digital media, but if they continue to apply the same one-way mass marketing models, there’s little hope that things will improve. The core feature of the Internet is that it enables people to engage in two-way communication. For ad agencies this means taking advantage of web tools and technologies to target specific demographics and gather more feedback than was previously possible with traditional conventional advertising media. This opens up incredible and previously unexplored business models for ad agencies to employ, simply because there now exist tools and technologies to make this possible.

2. Niche Marketing

Niche marketing involves selling a product or service to a specific segment of the market. All throughout the web, companies are enjoying significant success in selling to highly targeted and very narrow segments of the market. You may have never heard of the band Phish, although they are one of the most financially successful rock groups in the U.S. Tickets to their shows and copies of their CDs were sold only to a select group of people who made it to their mailing list. They cultivated a relatively small but fiercely loyal audience. The web offers tools such as electronic mailing lists and opt-in email marketing that let you similarly cultivate targeted sales prospects.

3. Sniff Out Leads

Do you remember the disclaimers on most websites that promise they won’t sell your email address and contact information to any other third party? It turns out that doing this may actually be a profitable online business. Companies are always looking for sales prospects, and may pay you for your relevant sales leads.

4. Create Apps

Some of the hottest online business stories involve companies creating online applications such as sales management, project management, customer sales management, and even social games.

5. Online Training

The ever-increasing complexity of our tech-driven world leaves people craving for more information, more learning. Training videos have a ready market in individuals seeking to advance their skills, as well as companies seeking to beef up the competence of their personnel. Training software is also in great demand, as are systems to measure and test learning.

As we get to understand more and more of the online environment and the ways in which people interact with it, we will surely see more and more profitable online businesses emerge. These ventures will undoubtedly feature novel business models that are built upon the exciting new technologies that will find their way into the Internet mainstream.

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