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The main reason online businesses and entrepreneurs begin to build lists is in order to get the initial sale as well as increase their customer retention rates.  Unfortunately marketers tend to get so involved in bringing in new leads that they forget about keeping the customers or subscribers that they already have happy.  If you send out too many emails that fail to provide some kind of value to your list, you will find them unsubscribing rapidly. While most people do expect to get some kind of marketing in the emails they receive from you, at the same time they also expect to get some benefit and value from the relationship.                                                                        

Here are 4 emails that you can integrate into your email marketing campaign that will make a big difference to your subscriber retention rate:

1.  The first kind of email is pretty easy, it is just a useful reminder that refers to a purchase they either made or still make on a regular basis. If you are running a membership site for example, then you need to send out a reminder every month a couple of days before the payment is due to be processed.  There are people who are unsure about sending out this type of email, but if you think about it, it is an opportunity to feature any upcoming content which will be available in the following month and it may in fact encourage them to remain a member because of interest in what you have coming up. Mostly people cancel memberships because they don’t use them enough.

2.  Send out a real “Thank You” not just the one that usually gets sent when someone subscribes to your email list or buys something from you. The majority of customers almost expect these types of thank you’s and do not thing twice about them. Sending out random thank you emails or birthday wishes will go a long way towards email subscriber retention.

3.  The 3rd email relates to social features that you may have on your website. For example whenever anyone tags you in a photo or makes a request to “friend” you on Facebook or one of the other sites, then you will be notified from that social site. This is a perfect opportunity to send them a simple email to this person, but it achieves a very important goal and that is it gets them to visit your website again. This kind of strategy can only be used is you actually have social features on your website.

4.  One of the most effective but sadly overlooked emails is one that takes readers to a poll or survey. Most customers will have some sort of opinion on the product that they purchased from you or the products that you promote.   Getting them to complete a survey will not only help you to find out precisely what they want (which you can refer to in later emails) but it also shows them that you are really interested in their opinion and in building a relationship with them.

A list is the lifeblood of any online business, and retention of your customers will boost any email marketing campaign that you run. By using these 4 tips to retain your customers your online success is more likely to happen.

To build and maintain an email list you will need an auto-responder service and this is one of the best and you can try it out at no charge.

Discover Ways on How to Make Online Income

Discovering how to make online income is always a good option for a better life. Imagine that you are on vacation at the beach. While enjoying the sunshine and a glass of cocktail, you can still run your online business. It is really a dream for most people. However, the main question here is how you can achieve that kind of goal in your life. In order to achieve the goal, you need to study the many ways of making online income with internet marketing or running an online business.             

The first method is to use your expertise as a writer. Let’s say that you are expert in ghostwriting (meaning you write articles for others). You can always find people who need quality articles and content for their websites. Contact them and offer your services. Eventually you will be able to earn your income online by providing your ghost writing services to clients.

The 2nd method is to become an affiliate marketer. Search online and join some good affiliate programs. Some well known and great online affiliate programs offer good products and services. An example of great affiliate programs are ClickBank and Commission Junction. Join these programs and promote the products that interest you in the specific niche that you have chosen.

In order to succeed with this method, you must build a large list of prospects and customers. Then you will need to constantly search for valuable products that will encourage your subscribers buy. When they make purchases through your link, you will earn a commission.

The 3rd method is become a seller for well popular online stores like Ebay or Amazon. You just need to identify the needs for a particular niche market, study the products that are related to the niche, identify the products you want to sell, and recommend them to your prospects.

The 4th method is to create a product of your own and sell it to others. Let’s say you are an expert in Photoshop. You could produce a product teaching people how to edit their photos. Your product can be in the form of a digital product such as video tutorials, mp3, or an e-book. You can also produce physical products by converting your digital products into CD’s or DVD’s. If the product is provides value to your customers, you will earn an income online.

The 5th method is to produce PLR (private label rights) products and sell them to business owners. Private label rights are products that can be resold to others. For example, you already produce a product for golf coaching; you sell the private label rights of the product to the owner of an online store selling golf equipment, so they can sell your golf coaching product to their clients who just bought a golf club. This is known as upselling and is a technique that is being used by many marketers either online or offline.

There are many other methods that you can use to earn an income online. The important thing here is identify your own interests and do things that you like, then provide value to your customers. There are really many legitimate opportunities and ideas on how to make online income. The main thing though is to decide on the method you want to use, and then take action.

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

It is understandable that many people want to know how to learn affiliate marketing.  This business holds great promise to those who are willing to take the time to learn.  The problem that many people have is they want to get rich quick and though some affiliate marketers hit the right niche on their first attempt, most go through a learning process.

The learning process can include trial and error, or even better learning from a super affiliate.  Unfortunately, there are people selling programs who are not super affiliates at all and they are trying to sell guides on how to become a super affiliate.  It is very important to study under someone who has truly made a successful living online.                 

Most affiliates give up before they have even tested the waters.  The people that make the decision to stick with it are the ones who play the game and succeed.  If you really want to know how to learn affiliate marketing, the number one secret to being successful is to just stick with it.  You can learn the profitable techniques on your own, but you will most likely spend a great deal of time and money before you start to recognize any gains.

What new affiliates really need is a map or a plan that has been tried and tested.  There are some super affiliates that have created great programs that will guide you to a healthy income.  The guides that you want to place focus on are the ones where the affiliate has broken everything down laying out the facts on how to be successful.

Most guides do not tell you about the affiliate marketing hump.  The hump is the time between starting your affiliate business and making enough profit to keep you interested.  I believe that this is the reason that most affiliates give up before they realize any major financial gains.  Again, you must stick with it through the hump to begin earning a substantial income.

I have some tips for you on how to learn affiliate marketing that can help you make it over the hump.  First off, you need to find a niche that means something to you.  A niche that you have some knowledge of  and one that you will not lose interest in before the hump.  You can always get into other niches later; however, your first experience should be on a topic that will hold your attention.

One of the best  ways to identify a super affiliate, who is going to be straight forward, is by reading their sales page.  If the sales page only places focus on
the positives and all of the money you will make, you are not getting the full story.  I feel most comfortable studying under the super affiliates who are honest from the start by letting you know that you have to work.

Though many affiliates have become rich almost overnight,  affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick business and you must know this at the start.  Those who do not understand will become frustrated and give up.

Next, I want to talk about banner advertising and things you want to keep in mind.  You see a great deal of banners that are crowded with images and text.  There is very little room on a banner to get your message across while also keeping the banner pleasing to the eyes.  Banners can become annoying to the reader not only causing them to ignore the banner but can also be the cause of a visitor not returning to the site.  So when using banner advertising, keep in mind how the reader will react to your ad.  One of my favorite styles of banner ads are the ones with no images and the text looks to be part of the website.

Get more information on how to learn affiliate marketing by clicking on the link.


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