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The best way to promote your website for free is to use search engine optimization (SEO) this is the foundation for online website promotions. SEO is an ever changing, on going process that you should keep abreast of to help ensure the safety of your websites rankings. SEO is not a quick fix that will flood your site with traffic overnight but it can be the best way to promote your website over the long term.                                                

Within the SEO toolbox there are a number of different methods and techniques that you can choose from and almost all of them will be based on some form of link building. This is because SEO is based primarily on two key ingredients and they are 1.) high quality content and 2.) backlinks to that content.

Some techniques are going to be more appropriate and effective than others for you. The niche that you are in and the strength of the competition within that niche will be the two major factors to consider when evaluating which site promotion strategy might work best for you.

Some of the best ways to promote your website using free SEO tactics include :

1.) Article Marketing – This is a very well established method that is based on an internet truism which is “Content Is King” this has always been an effective way of promoting a high quality website. It has the potential and ability to bring traffic to your site even when the search engines ignore your site or bounce it around in the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

It also helps you to diversify your sources of traffic so that even though you want to get search engine traffic, you do not want that to be your only source of traffic.

2.) Social Media Sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter – You should create content for these platforms and share information interactively on them as well. Become an active member of these online communities.

3.) Press Releases – Publishing news worthy press releases about a new website, product or offer is a great way to get a lot of traffic to your site in a very short time period.

4.) Sharing And Bookmarking Icons – Have social bookmarking and sharing icons that your idea customers might use. This will include book-markers for sites like delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google +, etc…

5.) Post regularly in forums – This is another well established and time tested proven method for getting both back-links and traffic to your site.

These are just a few of the best ways to promote your website for free

When looking at which SEO tactics to use it is important to remember that the goal is to out rank your competition for your specific keywords. So, for example if the number one ranked website for your keyword has 50 links pointing to their site then your goal should be get more than 50 links so that you can out rank them.

It is also important to remember that even when you are using the the best ways to promote your website you will need to use them on a regular and consistent basis to start getting long term and lasting results.


If your goal is to grow a successful and profitable business of any kind, whether it is an online business or an offline business, one of your main priorities should be to have an ongoing system in place to help you improve customer retention. Otherwise you could be letting a large amount of your profits, slip through your hands each and every month.

This is often a very easily over looked aspect of a business because many business owners may not fully realize the true impact that it can have on and for a business.

Reasons Why You Should Improve Customer Retention

Reduce Marketing Cost – It has be estimated that it can cost a business five times as much to get a new customer than it takes to make another sale to an existing customer.

Word Of Mouth Advertising – One person who is very pleased with your
company and product could be enough for your product to go virally to
hundreds of thousands of new prospects as the result of one of your current customers doing word of mouth advertising for you. It helps to give you a competitive advantage over your competition. Your competition would have to work twice as hard to get one of your satisfied customers from you, than what it took for you to get them as a customer.

It increases your profit margin – The less money that you have to re-invest in marketing and promoting, the more money you will have flowing down to your bottom line profits. These are just a few of the many different benefits that you will be able to enjoy as a result of taking good care of your current customers.

How To Improve Customer Retention

The good news is that as a result of the increased use of the internet and social media it is a lot easier than ever before to implement an effective strategy to improve customer retention.

Here are the basic steps that you can take

Step 1.) Create An Opportunity For Customer Engagement – This can be done by having a company website or blog. This should have a contact number or email address where customer support or customer service can be contacted.

You can also create a social media presence on the different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This will also give your customers the opportunity to ask any questions that they might have.

Step 2.) You should have a followup or feedback system in place to contact each and every customer to get their feedback on their buying experience. This can be done from a thank you page or by using an email autoresponder. You should also plan on doing a periodic follow up to find out how well the product is meeting their needs and what (if any) improvements or other products would be helpful to them.

Step 3.) Create an appreciation program for regular or repeat customers to show your appreciation and increase their customer loyalty.

These are just 3 basic things that you can do to start improving your customers buying experience with you and your company. And the more you
tailor a program towards your specific customer base, the higher your repeat sales are likely to be.

As you can see one of the smartest and most cost effective ways to grow a successful and profitable business is to make sure that you do as much as possible to not only get new customers but to also take steps to improve customer retention as well.

Ways to Increase Income from Home Online

If you want to learn ways to increase income from home, you are in the right place. The first thing you need to know is that the internet has become the absolute best place to make money. There is no other environment out there that can help you make as much money for as little work. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no work at all involved.

The first step you need to take to make money from home is AWAY from all the people and websites that promise unimaginable things. It has become quite a fad to let people in on some so-called secrets that help them make thousands of dollars in weeks by working for 30 or 60 minutes a day. Those websites are lying to you and they will only make you waste your time and money. Sure, you will make some money by working 30 minutes a day, but that won’t even be enough to pay for the electricity your computer needs. So let’s move on to things that actually exist.

If you have any type of writing talent, you could become a ghost writer. That means that you will write content for people who will pay you. The payment you receive per article can’t compare with the advantages that article will bring to the person who is buying it. But if  you don’t have the resources to start a business like theirs, writing is the next best thing.

You don’t need to pay anything, and you don’t require  any particular type of credentials. You just need to register on freelance websites and bid for as many projects as you can. You will eventually win some and, if you do a good
job, you will get a good rating. That will make you more visible for other buyers and you will be able to increase your rates and make more money. This is probably the simplest answer to your question on ways to increase income from home. Just make sure your grammar and writing skills are at least decent.

If you can create your own website, sell products and use affiliate programs, you could make a lot more money. Any type of business, online and offline, needs a website. Good SEO will make your website visible and provide you with more customers and business partners.            

If you want to provide goods or services, it is going to be a bit tougher as there is a lot of competition on all playing fields. But if you manage to get your website popular enough, you are bound to make a decent profit. However, one of the best goods you can sell is information. You don’t need money to get it and you don’t even need to ask for money for it.

All you need to do is make your website popular enough and get some ads on it. Putting together a website is easy, you can get web hosting for a really low fee,  and you can find all the info you need on the internet. Once your website or blog has become popular enough, you will start making money. Now you know some ways to increase income from home.