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The internet grows more interactive every day and it seems like social media marketing is going to be around for a long time ahead. With this in mind it is essential for all online business entrepreneurs to develop a social media marketing strategy that can leverage interactions on a person-to-person basis.                                                                         

There are a number of problems that make this type of marketing difficult for small business owners the biggest one being the amount of time it takes, unless proper time constraints are implemented. This has led to more people considering outsourcing the social media marketing part of their businesses.

If you are caught in this kind of predicament here are some ways that you could benefit from outsourcing part or all of your social media marketing for your business.

1.  Because this is an important as part of your overall marketing strategy and because it is very time consuming allowing someone else to handle this task for you will save you many hours every day, especially if you are a small one man business or you work from home. Although social media can be very effective it does eat into your day and will prevent you from completing other tasks of equal importance. Outsourcing this aspect of your marketing strategy will not only save you time but you will still gain the benefits of this part of your marketing plan.

2.  What makes this even more beneficial is that you can leverage the experience of people who specialize in the art of social media marketing. Creating an effective campaign can be a little tricky as you cannot blatantly market your products or services the same way as you would with traditional advertising methods. You need to remember that the main reason that these types of social sites exist is so that people can socialize with one another, so people are looking for an opportunity to relax in an interactive environment rather than being bombarded with advertisements. The good news is that professional social media marketers have already learned the hard way how the system works and by handing this task over to them you can save yourself a whole lot of hardship.

3.  One benefit of outsourcing your social media strategy particularly if you have very little experience with social media is that you can get a greater level of branding. It is very easy to become so involved in the whole process that your message gets lost and people just don’t see it. When you outsource to a professional you will then connect with their ability to interact in a casual manner while still making sure that your message is getting across to the people you are trying to reach.

4.  By outsourcing to professionals who spend their lives doing nothing but social media marketing you will be able to have a campaign that can be adaptable while still remaining consistent with the current trends. Although social media has not been around for that many years, it has matured rapidly and it will continue to grow. By outsourcing this part of your marketing campaign you will not only manage to stay up to date with current trends as the person you employ will do that job for you, but you will also be saving yourself an enormous amount of time by not having to do the task yourself.

When you take into consideration the amount of time and effort involved in creating a social marketing strategy and keeping it up to date with the latest trends then outsourcing your social media marketing can give you a better return on investment than trying to do it all on your own.

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As an online marketer, it is easy to concentrate on how much income you are generating, but have you ever thought about how much you may be losing?  There are just as many ways to lose out on possible income as there are opportunities to generate it.  What makes things even worse is that most of the ways that you are losing out on making money are things that you have simply overlooked.  The good news is that all of these issues are easily fixed once you become aware that there is a problem.

Here are four ways your online business could be losing money every single month.

1. Concentrating on the Wrong Numbers

Metrics are just a tool, which means that they are only as effective as the person using them.  While the concept of metrics has become popular with online marketers over the past few years, many people still don’t really understand the correct way use them.  One of the main reasons for this is that it is so simple to use the wrong metrics to gauge the success of a particular campaign.

Would you like to have a list of 25,000 subscribers or 50,000 visitors to your website every day?  Of course you would.  The problem is that knowing these numbers doesn’t actually tell you anything.  Raw data is really not giving you the true story.   It is amazing how many stories there are amongst online business owners where a person has a gigantic list, but they are still unable to make any money off of it.  This is usually because they become so caught up in growing their list, that they never spend any time in cultivating a relationship with their subscribers or put much effort into encouraging email conversions.

The solution to this problem is to boil your online business down to the numbers which are actionable so that they can to tell you exactly where a problem exists.                                                                                     

2. Not Ensuring that You Have a Way to Contact Your Readers.

Another easy way to miss out on thousands of dollars every month is by not ensuring that you have a way to contact potential buyers.  It makes no difference what type of sale you are having or how brilliant your latest content is if the people who are interested in it never learn about it. The only way to make sure that they do is by finding out who they are and setting up a method of communication with them.

Many online marketers use list building for just this purpose by having a list they can send out an email whenever they want to alert their subscribers to any new content and products.  If you don’t want to maintain an email list, then using social media for leverage is another option to keep your readers informed and might be more your style.  Using a Facebook page, Twitter, or YouTube are all good choices.

3.  Failing to Tell Your Readers What to Do Next

What this means is not having a call to action.  Whenever you make contact with your readers, you need to tell them what you want them to do next.  This could be something as easy as asking them to leave a comment after your blog post or sharing your content on their Facebook page, or even Tweeting about it.  No matter what you choose to tell them to do, it must be something.  Don’t ever assume that your potential buyer can read your mind and do what you want. This is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

4. Having a Website without Any Landing Pages.

It is not important what type of website you use, there must be landing pages tailored to suit different types of traffic.  Just getting traffic to your website is seldom enough because you cannot guarantee that they will go where you want them to.  For example, YouTube traffic usually converts better when they are sent to short video landing page in preference to a product page.  While you still need to generate organic traffic to your entire site, you would also want to have designated landing pages for your best campaigns.

So if you feel that your online business is losing money and you are not earning what you think you should, then implement these 4 methods and see how much your bottom line improves.

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Search engines are beginning to take more notice of social media sites and many people have begun abandoning the traditional search engines in favor of social search engine optimization. The main question to consider here is whether this is a good move for viability over the long term. Although it is obvious that social networking has become equally huge for both consumers and online marketers what is important to think about is if they are established sufficiently to actually replace normal SEO rankings.  Many of us are excited with the idea of social media for business, but it may not be prudent to abandon SEO completely just yet.           

So let’s discuss some of the reasons why traditional SEO is still going to be effective for a long time to come.

The first point is which source of traffic is more valuable to you? Although traffic from the social media sites has definitely increased, there is still strong evidence that organic traffic has more value.

There are some reasons for this, the biggest one being that top ranking search results will invariably bring in a substantially larger amount of targeted traffic, and in terms of volume the search engines still win hands down, particularly when you compare Google, Bing and Yahoo against any of the social media sites you choose. Also search engine traffic tends to be more sustainable over time.

Even though search engines continuously change their algorithms to prevent online marketers exploiting the system, the basic principles remain pretty much unchanged, while the social sites are unable to provide any consistent long term results and the reason for this is that they are based on real-time popularity rather than any proven commodities.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with a solid SEO strategy you will have a foundation for setting up campaigns, especially if you use content as your main SEO marketing strategy which gives you many different ways for people to find you, whereas with a social media site you are limited to just one or two ways for anyone to find your website.

One of the main ways in which social search differs from organic traffic is that socially the traffic is fleeting. Even if your Facebook page is wildly popular today by next week things could have changed and although it may be easier for a while to jump ahead of your competition, by the same token it is just as easy for them to get ahead of you. While it is really difficult to imagine Facebook ever shutting down or becoming less popular that does not mean that it won’t change its demographics which could affect the way you get to your target audience.

Last but not least traffic coming from social sites is less likely to respond when it comes to a conversion standpoint. What this means is that even if you generate the same volume of traffic, your number of conversions will be less. Generally this is because people will leave a social media site to look at a specific page, they are not going there to browse some else’s website. While your bounce rate may be higher you can partly compensate for this by creating landing pages specifically for social traffic.

Although social media sites for business may not replace traditional search engine optimization and all its benefits, it would still be worth your while to pay more attention to social site optimization.

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