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If you are searching for a work from home online business opportunity there are a multitude of choices available, but in most cases the best way to start out is by building an affiliate marketing business. This kind of business is quite simple to begin as you don’t need a product of your own and it takes very little capital up front.                                                                  

What is required of you as an affiliate marketer is to refer people to a product or service where they can make a purchase and you will then earn a commission. The good thing about doing affiliate marketing is that you get to choose which products or services you want to promote and then just sign up for those affiliate  products. Once you have made your choice you will also get a free website complete with a sales page that does all the hard work for you. In fact all you will really need to do is to promote the product.

Every affiliate who signs up for that particular product will be given the same style of website but within the URL address will be a built in unique link that will identify you as the seller who has earned the commission. It is a very simple concept but it works very well.

So your main job as an affiliate is to drive targeted traffic to the affiliate website and to do this there are a number of different methods that you can employ. If you are new to internet marketing then it is best to start off with one method and as you get comfortable with that method and are making some money that way and then move onto another one. Eventually you will need to learn to use a few more methods as this will expand your abilities to earn more and also you are less likely to be caught short if one of the methods you are using starts to fail.

Some methods of driving targeted traffic can be quite expensive, while others might be cheap but can be very time consuming. The methods that you choose to use depends on how much time you have available and how much your budget will allow you to spend on advertising.

That in a nutshell is all that is involved in online affiliate marketing: find a product that you want to promote, and then learn how to drive targeted traffic to that affiliate website. Once you have grasped the basics you can then scale your efforts. You can start promoting a selection of products and use a variety of ways to drive traffic to the different offers.

It is when you get to this point that magic begins to happen. This is where you will begin earning an online income that will make working from home on a full time basis possible, and everything you have heard about internet marketing becomes true. It will take time and dedicated effort to reach this point but it can be done and is worth all the hard work.

No one can predict exactly how long this process will take you, but if you have a lot of time and learn the concepts quickly then it is possible to start making money within a few months. If you are doing this part time which is perfectly acceptable then it will probably take a bit longer to begin seeing the results you want.

Just one word of advice; do not jump from one thing to another and be prepared to put in the time and effort required and you will be able to replace your salary so that you can work from home in your own online business.

Personally I feel that the best opportunity to work for yourself in your own home business is online and affiliate marketing is a great way to get started. Invest the necessary time and effort and give your business a chance to grow and you will be able to live the life of your dreams.

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A problem that many work from home Moms find is the ability to manage their time, with all the tasks that are required of them in a day. For Moms that really want to have the best for themselves and their families, time management plays a vital role in their chances of success.

If you are constantly feeling rushed and you find that you are unable to get anything completed during the day, then it might be a good idea to take a look at your time management skills. If you feel overwhelmed and cannot focus on one task at a time or are easily distracted then you should take a step back from the action and spend a bit of time learning some time management basics.

The concept of time management is really quite simple. You need to plan, organize and schedule your time, and make it as clear as possible to be productive. Of course when it comes to being a work from home Mom, there will always be a lot of adversity during any given day and it is something that we need to learn to deal with.

Here are 3 tips to help you be more productive and deal with those times when you are just busy chasing your kids around so that you can still find some time for yourself.

1. Take time to take care of yourself by waking up a little earlier. Keep in mind that you have control over what time you get out of bed. By getting up that thirty to forty-five minute earlier in the morning, you can spend a few minutes having a cup of coffee and writing down your to do list for the day or if you prefer, just doing absolutely nothing. If you do decide to write a to do list then begin by writing down the tasks that you promised to complete either for yourself or your family, and then prioritize them and make a note of when you expect to get them completed.

2.  Remember that children can be a powerful distraction and can easily make you lose your focus, so it is essential that you take control of any incoming demands. If you allow it they will be asking you for something every few minutes. Although family must come first the best thing you can do here is teach your children, if age permits, to do things for themselves and to only ask you if it is something that they cannot do. They need to learn that Mom is working from home and is not at their beck and call every minute of the day, unless it is an emergency.

3.  Try to keep a pen and notebook handy at all times and write down any random thoughts as they come to you (unless you are driving or doing something else that may be dangerous). This way you can review your information when you are ready and make a decision on how to handle the task. This also helps you make up your mind whether or not the idea is a good one that is worth pursuing. If it is then you can prioritize your time in order to pursue it.

When you write your tasks and ideas into a notebook you will find that it can really help you to deal with distractions and will empower you to focus better and feel more in control of your time. A note pad and pen are essential tools when it comes to time management, particularly in a work from home situation.

The world we live in today is super busy and time management is vitally important, especially for work from home Moms, because they are not only working but are also responsible for keeping their families together. Their days are filled with running around for the children, working on all sorts of projects and at the same time working on a home based business. Without proper time management skills Moms will find themselves surrounded by chaos

One of the most popular ways to earn an income on the internet is to create your own niche blog. You can get started by picking a subject that you love, or have a passion for and then finding some high commission affiliate products to promote.                                                             

Many people shy away from building a website or blog as they are worried that it will be too expensive, or too technically challenging. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! If you are on a budget you can have your own blog up and running for as little as $10 per year for a domain name and around $7 per month for website hosting.

As for the technical side of things, if you are capable of writing and sending
emails to people you will be able to add pages and posts to your new website.

If you’d like to learn more about building your own website, take a look at My Affiliate Power Site – a niche affiliate training site created by Ken Troyer and Suzanne Morrison.

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This site is free to join and contains a 7 day plan for building your website from scratch. The lessons include:

Day 1 – Choosing your niche
Day 2 – Registering a domain name and setting up your hosting account
Day 3 – Setting up your website
Day 4 – Look Professional
Day 5 – Add products to your site
Day 6 – Create your first blog post
Day 7 – Write a product review

The lessons are laid out in a step by step manner and contain clear instructions and screenshots to help you along.

If you are more of a visual person there is the option of a silver membership with My Affiliate Power Site. For a small fee this gives you access to step by step training videos.

You’ll literally be looking over Ken’s shoulder as he builds a website live and you’ll get to watch him as he picks a niche, registers his domain name, sets up his hosting and gradually builds a great looking website from the ground up.

My Affiliate Power Site (MAPS)

For anyone who is serious about building up a good income there is also the option of a Gold membership with My Affiliate Power Site. As well as all the training and videos you’ll get to brand all the links in the training with your own affiliate links.
This is very powerful as it means that you can earn even more commissions from the visitors that you refer. As a gold member you’ll also be able to rotate your own banner in the members area.

If you already have your own website or list you can promote My Affiliate Power Site and earn 50% commissions from Clickbank from any member you refer that upgrades.

To join as a member or an affiliate just register on this page for free:


My Affiliate Power Site is simple, but very powerful. It is not only a trainingsystem, but a way to earn multiple streams of income by promoting just one link.

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