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Working from home on your online business can be difficult when it comes to finding a balance. Between the work that needs to be done on your business every day and the requests from family and friends (who for some reason never seem to realize that even if you are at home you are still working) there are times when you may feel that you are being pulled in too many directions at the same time.                                                                          

What very often happens is that your business will suffer, your family will feel neglected or you will tend to neglect your own needs to take care of everything and everyone else.

Here are some tips that should help if you find yourself struggling to keep both work and personal life in some sort of balance;

1.  To begin with don’t persecute yourself about where you are spending your time, just ensure that wherever you are you are giving one hundred percent of your attention to that situation. If you are working then be there and enjoy it, think about your reasons for doing what you do and give it your best effort. The same applies when you are with family or friends; don’t spend the time feeling guilty because you are not working.

2.  Use a day planner or a diary as a tool and plan your day if possible the night before, so that when you get up in the morning you know what you need to do and in what order you should be doing it, and you do not have to spend precious time making up your mind about what you should be doing next. A huge problem that many internet marketers come across is that they get easily side tracked with checking emails or some other task that may be fairly important but is not something that will improve their earnings in any way.

Those tasks should be at the end of any to do list. Do them when the important things have been taken care of. On your day planner or calendar make sure when planning your day ahead that you include the time you have allowed for family or friends, if you go to the gym this also must be included and the same applies to making phone calls and reading or sending emails.

3.  Prioritize your time. What this means is that you need to set a value on each task that you have marked for the day. If personal time is your highest priority then it is obviously something of high value to you. Mark this down first and then work the other tasks around this in order of their value to you.

These are just a few basic tips to get started, you can add to and improve on them but barring any emergencies, if you stick to the program that you have set out, and with practice it will become easier, you will find yourself at the end of each day feeling far more fulfilled and your online business will grow and become successful without you suffering from burnout. When you have balance in your life it is easier to achieve your goals.

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Do You Know What Squeeze Pages Are?

When first starting out as an online marketer the amount of work to be done can be quite daunting. With all the information out there it can become quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to all those weird internet marketing terms or simply knowing how to set something up online.      

It is important to understand what all the various terms mean if you want to successful, as the more knowledge you have the better off you will be. So today we will talk about squeeze pages and you will learn what they are and exactly what they are supposed to do.

A squeeze page which is also sometimes called a capture page is a page which has been set up on your blog or website with the sole purpose of encouraging people to subscribe to your email list by entering their name and email address in the form provided. To get them to do this you would usually offer them something of value in exchange for the information you require of them.

There are a few things you will need to do when setting up your squeeze page in order to get the best results from it and at the same time there are some things that you should never include on your squeeze page.

Let’s begin with the things that you should include:

a.)  A strong headline. This is essential as it will capture the eyes of your reader and make them curious enough to want to find out more by opting in to your subscribers email list. There are 3 ways that you can achieve this.  Pique their curiosity – ask a question or instill fear.  The question to ask yourself when creating your headline is “How will my reader benefit from the freebie I am offering in exchange for their email address”

b.)  Use bullet points;  remember to keep your information short and concise, but keep in mind that it must also be informative by letting them know what your free offer is about but without giving them too much information because if you do there will be no need for them to subscribe.

c.)  Another option is to add a video to your squeeze page that will give some detail on the benefits of the special offer to your readers. When choosing video it is important to add the bullet points to the page to drive your message home.

Here are some things that you should never to with your squeeze page:

a.)  The sole objective of the squeeze page is to get your visitors towards a single goal and that it to subscribe to your email list, then you can then follow up with information (freebie) for which they originally gave you their email address. Show them that you know what you are talking about and that you can help them with what they require. Always keep your information short and to the point.

b.)  The entire purpose of your squeeze page is to drive the people who read it towards a single goal, that of subscribing to your list. So do not put ads of any sort or anything else that is likely to distract them from the main purpose of the squeeze page, as the last thing you want to do is to have something there that will stop them from opting in to your email list.

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A big reason why many online home businesses avoid getting involved in social media marketing is that it can be very time consuming. As with a lot of internet marketing strategies, if you follow a daily plan of action and stick to it, you will improve your chances of success dramatically.

When it comes to sites such as Twitter, IM Faceplate and Facebook there are a few simple tasks that you can do on a daily basis which will bring you a better return on your time investment. You will learn quickly that by setting out a daily plan of action you will gain quite a bit of extra time in the long run.

1.  Learn to focus on solving problems. If you want to stand out from the crowd you must become a valuable resource. Learn how to help people solve their basic problems. When you can do this, not only will you stand out from the crowd but you will gain a following of people who trust you.    

At this point you are probably wondering how you can achieve this. Start off by discovering what type of information related to your niche your prospects will find most valuable and a good way to do this is by creating a resource section for your fan page, so that your fans can access content that is evergreen on an ongoing basis. If you are not sure of exactly what to add, then start paying closer attention to the kind of questions your fans are asking. If you are still new to Facebook then take note of which other people your fans are following and the type of questions they may be answering.

2.  As well as becoming a resource for evergreen content within your niche, you also need to engage with your followers on a daily basis and the simplest way to do this is by seeing what other people are discussing and just republish it, but creating fresh content will make it even more powerful. If you find this difficult to accomplish then take some time and set up a content plan for about six months  and then you will know ahead of time what you want to write about every day.

3.  Make a point of sharing things that others talk about. You may feel inclined to isolate yourself from your competitors, but the thing to remember is that the operative word in social media sites is “social” which means that these sites are designed to be one big happy family and in the end you will gain more by sharing things that other people are saying.

4.  Set up an Analytics schedule. It is essential to collect and analyze data on your social profiles. You cannot track how successful you are if you fail to keep track of, and asses your situation regularly.

If you are going to spend time collecting this data then be sure to make use of it. Discover what you have been doing that is working well and keep on doing it and the things that don’t seem to work, you can stop doing immediately. If this sounds simple to you which it is, then do what most people fail to do and that is to use it.

5.  Take time each day to respond to individual posts. This is vitally important if you want to build trust and although it may not happen straight away it will also help you to learn more about the people who follow you on any of the social media networks.

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