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Business owners all over the world are competing aggressively with others in their industry by using four different marketing strategies and techniques to increase web traffic. Large and small companies are employing teams of marketing professionals to get their products and services into the mainstream.                                                                                           

People Connecting

To accomplish these tasks, some marketing professionals are taking advantage of many innovative ideas to ensure the company or the companies that they represent are on the top of the major search engines.

Therefore, they are using many techniques to generate new ideas. From brainstorming meetings to bringing in marketing consultants from successful firms, they are normally pulling out all of the stops to make sure that they can attract more customer’s to their sites. Therefore, some of the most recent ideas in marketing today will often include innovative ideas that involve social media platforms and mobile technology.

Social Media Platforms and Incentives
While social media platforms usage is seemingly at the brink of these latest trends, most professional marketers are creating innovating marketing campaigns to reach people who are members of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media groups. One of the main goals is to ensure people who are involved in these media become followers of their companies on a recurrent basis, while also purchasing the products and services that they sell. To gain loyal customers, some companies offer deep discount coupons so that people can try new products. Also, if the customer’s experiences are good, the company may also provide additional ways for users to share their experiences with others in these huge networks.

In addition to deep discounted products, some companies sponsor contest for large audiences to participate in. Whether the contest is for a popular android phone or a big screen TV, these contests are designed to attract more customer to the company’s site and keep them engaged when they have become a part of a captured audience. When these contest are implemented and managed appropriately, people from these social networks will also direct others to the company’s site.

Mobile Technology

Companies who keep their ear on the heart beat of innovative technology can also take advantage of recent changes in mobile technology. From offering loadable coupons to paying for products and services via mobile phones, companies that meet these ever changing demands can also get a jump start on those that fall behind in technology.

Instead of using a credit card to pay for gas, customers can now use their mobile phones to make their purchases. With NFC (Near Field Communication), customers can pay for items at their local grocery store and
other places that have the hardware and software available. In fact, companies that accept mobile phones as a valid method of payment are on the cutting edge of the latest technology. They are also meeting the demands
and the needs of customers that have the capability in their hands.

By using social media platforms, mobile technology and other innovations, companies can attract more customers and increase web traffic to their sites. With a variety of different contests, incentives and additional methods of payments, the savvy customer will seek those companies out that have a cutting edge over others in their industry.

As an Internet Marketer, you have at your service, the largest media in the world. One of the things that you probably know is that there are more millionaires in this industry than any other and it is largely due to a lot of free advertising. There certainly is vast numbers that spend money to get their message out, however, for the person on a budget, free ways to promote your online opportunities are the way to go.

It has been said that you do pay, one way or another. Those two ways are paying money for such activities as Pay Per Click or paid advertising and the other is paying in time. This time is that which is spent on writing, clicking and posting on many websites to get the attention you need for your offers.

In no particular order, a few of these free ways are listed here. Article marketing has been a stand by for many years. The ability to write a well thought out, grammatically correct article that will establish you as an authority in your niche will bring good rewards.

By posting these on free article directories, within several different  e-zines and on search engine generated share sites, attention can be directed back to your affiliate site. With the exception of the directories, all submissions should be made within fairly niche specific sites.

Forums, such the Warrior Forum, would be a good place to begin to make relationships with these readers. Not only are postings free, as they are on just about every forum site, there is a lot of knowledge that can be gained by reading other peoples  posts. The rules about forums are simple: Read a lot of them first, then post after getting a feeling for the needs and direction the average form member has in mind.

If you already have a mailing list of some size, the ease at which those lists can be traded can be explored. You will send an email, extolling the virtues of your program, to another marketer’s list and they will send one to yours. If you do not have a list, a FFA, or Free For All site can be applied to. This will generate a large number of email addresses of people looking for business opportunities.The results, as far as sign ups or sales is not very good, however, as a side project a number of contacts can be made that can pay over the long haul.

Traffic Exchanges and Safe lists are still producing sign ups. All of these are free and some of them have been in business for seven to ten years. You will need to sign up for quite a few of them to ensure your message gets out as far and wide as possible. You will need to click on other marketer’s websites in order to get credits, however, used effectively many marketers have made quite a bit of money this way.

Free blogging sites, Blogger and Weebly being just two of a long list, offer the ability to create a dynamic, always changing website for you. Search engines admire these more than a static website and the ability to change it every day, so it is always fresh and new, is very real.

Free advertising sites, free forums, free blogs, free websites services, free directories, among others and the willingness to spend some time in a creative way. Those are some of the ingredients that will allow these free ways to promote your online opportunities to make you a success in your chosen niche.