Network marketing is all about the numbers. The more people you introduce to your online
opportunity, the more money you will make. To begin generating a regular stream of
traffic to your website, try following some of these traffic generation tips.

1. Take part in newsgroups, forums and social websites and also use mailing lists. There
are hundreds of different forums online on almost any topic that you can imagine, and the
majority of them will allow you to include a link to your website as part of your
signature line, which will be attached to every message that you post. This is a great
way to advertise your website. By posting useful questions and offering expert advice on
other people’s questions your website link will get quite a bit of exposure and when it
is viewed by others you will get targeted traffic, as these are people who are interested
in the same things as you are. A good idea is to use an ad that you have had some success
with as part of your signature.                                                                                                            

Successful Online Businesses

2. Build your personal network by joining social networking sites as these sites are
designed to make it easy to meet others in the same industry as they are and to advertise their products and services. It works pretty much the same way as networking events where you meet lots of like-minded people; only in in this case you do it online.

3. Use classified ad sites and traffic exchanges. Although these have gotten a bad
reputation in the last few years, they do actually work once you learn the correct way to
use them. If you are using them to promote a product or service that advertisers can get
some benefit from then they are a great place to get traffic. Even though not too many
consumers frequent these kinds of sites, there are many website owners who do so
regularly in order to ensure that their own ads are appearing there and while they are
there they cannot help but notice other ads if they are eye catching enough.

4. Add a powerful signature to all your outgoing mail because when you do this you have
a potential customer every time you send an email out. All you need to do is create a
signature that is automatically added to every outgoing message. Use the signature to
briefly explain what you do and add a hyperlink to your website, once it is set up you
don’t need to think about it again.

5. Try classified ads, there are many newsletter publishers who give classified
advertising space to new subscribers and even though you may not get a huge response,
these ads can still generate some traffic to you website particularly if you offer
something that has a highly perceived value but does not cost a lot of money initially.
This is also a good method to test ads and see which ones get the greatest response.

Once you’ve found a winner use it in a PPC campaign, make it your new email signature,
run it as a top sponsor newsletter ad or use it as your forum signature.

These 5 tips will work provided you are diligent and work on your advertising campaign on
a regular basis will start to reap rewards and you will see a huge growth in the amount
of traffic you generate and the kind on income that you start to earn.