The majority of people starting out in internet marketing tend to be attracted to affiliate marketing as this allows them to start a business without having to create their own product.

Another benefit with affiliate marketing is that the affiliate merchant gives you the publicity material you need to promote your business. You are even given an affiliate website. The question here is whether you can succeed with affiliate marketing without a website of your own.

I personally think that you are better off to create your own affiliate marketing website for traffic generation purposes. With your own website you will also be able to present your products in your own words which makes pre-selling much more effective.

If however you want to do affiliate marketing without building and maintaining a website, there are other options available to you.

So long as you have an auto-responder that contains pre-written messages you can promote your affiliate links directly to your leads and send them straight to your sales page. This is possible with e-mail marketing.

You can purchase leads in various ways and import them directly into your auto-responder that already contains pre-written messages about your product. This way all you have to do is promote your auto-responder e-mail address.

Another way of promoting it is via a blog of your own on which you can post articles with information about your product or through discussion forums.

You could create an e-book or books and give them away. You don’t have to be a great writer to do this and the book need not be long. Twenty to thirty pages is fine. Then within the content of the book you would include your affiliate products, just focus on a theme for each book. This is a great way to make sales.

Not every discussion forum or article directory will allow you to place links to your affiliate products, but they will allow you to link to a website or blog. So if you do not wish to own a website, you will just need to start with a free blog. You can sign up for a free blog at

You don’t even need to update your blog regularly all that is really necessary is a sign-up form and perhaps an article that pre-sells your affiliate product. With this you will be able to take part in discussion forums and send traffic to your blog with your pre-sell article via the link in your signature file. You can do the same thing with article marketing by writing articles that interest people and placing your links in your resource box at the foot of the article.

While I personally believe that having your own website is still the best way to do affiliate marketing, you are able to use alternative methods if this does not appeal to you.

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