There are many different ways to market affiliate opportunities and the good news is that all of them work to some extent. Although the actual methods can vary, all of them succeed for basically the same reason, the combination of three keys that maximize all affiliate sales.

To be successful in affiliate sales online, you will have to find a combination of need or intent in your reader, the affiliate product that you are promoting to them, and the way in which you present it. If all three of these things are in alignment then your conversion rate will increase and lead to more successful affiliate sales.

Let’s take a look at the 3 factors and how they affect your affiliate sales:                

Affiliate Sales

First comes reader intent. This is the point at which many affiliate marketers falter. They create a lot of good content and take all the right steps when it comes to promoting the product, but unfortunately they tend to overlook the expectations of their readers. This problem is even more noticeable when affiliate marketing is done through a blog, mainly because it is virtually impossible to guess the intent of your readers. You may think that they have more than just a passing interest in the subject of your blog because they are visiting your site, but this does not necessarily mean that you know exactly what they are looking for. Here is a tip, take a careful look at the comments made to your post or related comments on some of the more popular social network sites. This should give you a very good idea of what your readers are interested in.

The second key is to ensure that the affiliate opportunities that you are promoting are in direct alignment with what your readers are searching for. Let’s say for example, you have a website that focuses on losing weight and you are concentrating on marketing an affiliate program about web hosting, then you would definitely be missing the mark. At the very least you must know that your readers are interested in the diet and exercise they should be doing to achieve the weight loss goals that they desire.

Keeping that in mind, you would do far better to promote affiliate programs that offer solutions to the problems that these readers are experiencing with regard to weight loss. Promoting an ebook about meal plans or exercise to help the loss of excess weight would therefore be more effective in promoting affiliate products that are aimed at those issues. It would certainly be more appropriate than promoting website hosting.

Once you understand more fully what your readers intent is and have decided on the affiliate opportunity that meets their interests, you must focus on the message that you wish to get across. As an example, just putting a banner in your blog sidebar is likely to be ignored by the majority of your readers, and this is because you have not tied the products there into the readers needs.

Of course there are exceptions to this rule and a well designed banner can actually do the tie-in work for you. High quality banners, however, are unfortunately few and far between in many of the niches. A more proactive strategy would be to write a blog post or add a page in your blog about the product and what the benefits are that your reader could gain from using them.

Miss out on any one of these three elements and you will experience a lack of conversions, but combine the intent, right affiliate promotion and compelling message to get your readers attention and watch your affiliate sales explode.

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