There is a certain amount of crossing over today of the tools that are used in both offline and internet home based  businesses. The one advantage though that the internet based business has over the offline one, is that the internet does not require an office away from home, staff or large advertising budgets.

There are however, some tools that are essential to every internet business if they expect to succeed online, and in this article we will discuss what they are.

1.  To start off with you will have to have a website with which you can market your products. It is not necessary to begin by building a website from scratch. There are networking and affiliate companies that will provide you with a website, but these “cookie cutter websites” which are fine to get you going, are still not as effective as having a website of your own.

The advantages of having your own website are that you have total control over it and can market whatever products you choose.

2.  An important addition to your website would be a blog. Blogs are loved by the search engines and this is a quick and easy way of adding content and attracting targeted traffic to your main website.

You can also have a lot of fun with a blog. It is a great tool to use for expressing yourself and interacting with visitors who are interested in reading what you have to write about. You can also add videos and surveys to your blog, if you so desire and it is a great way to make your home business come to life.

3.  You need to have a good auto responder service. This is important as building an emailing list for any internet based business is the life blood of your business. An auto responder helps your to collect a list of subscribers and automates your business as you can pre-load newsletters etc. into it and these will follow up with subscribers and help to convert them into customers for you as it drives traffic to your main website.

Learning to make proper use of a good auto responder will be well worth the time and effort spent on getting this knowledge.

4.  Last and not least is a good payment processing system. There are quite a few of them available on the internet and one of the most popular and widely used is Paypal. Another choice is Alert Pay, which is becoming more widely used and is available in some countries where people are unable to use Paypal. There is also the possibility of using Visa or MasterCard credit cards as a means of payment.

Every successful internet based home business will be using these four tools and by implementing and using them correctly your chance of running a successful online business will be greatly magnified.

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