One of the main problems that many online affiliate marketers find is that it is difficult to decide what the best affiliate products would be to promote. The majority of affiliate training courses talk about the big name affiliate websites such as Commission Junction and ClickBank but it is possible that none of these sites have a product that you feel comfortable promoting.

The good news is that there are a number of different techniques that you can use to help you find the best affiliate program, especially if you have no intention of promoting an e-book or a membership site, but would prefer to market a physical product.

As you are already aware that websites like Clickbank do not carry the kind of affiliate programs that you are looking for we will assume that you have already followed this course;

You have studied your niche and have a fair idea of the type of affiliate products that are relevant to the home business opportunity you are targeting, and you have a good idea about what you are looking for, regarding the best affiliate products to promote.

Keeping this in mind you need to begin your research and if you have not already done so, then start with a search through you favorite search engine. Type in “your niche home business opportunity” for example “health supplement affiliate program” and you will get a pretty good list of links to websites that have health products and also offer an affiliate program.  Even though not every result you get will be exactly what you are looking for, there should be at least a few good options.

If you cannot find the results you want on the search engines then you will need to go one step further and look at advertisements. This is easily done by checking the Adsense ads on the same Google page instead of the search results; these ads will take you directly to products that match your search. When you find a couple that appeal to you, look for the link at the bottom of the page that will take you to the affiliate program. There are some that will not show a link, especially if you are looking at a sales page. If this is the case then you will have to go to the home page of the product and search there.

After following this step a couple of times you will hopefully have some possible affiliate products to promote. On the other hand if you are still not sure then go and check out what your competition are doing. Take a look at some of the websites that are in direct competition to you to see what products they are promoting. This may help to give you some fresh ideas.

As an alternative option you could do an affiliate product search and check out online stores. A number of online stores offer affiliate programs as well. If you find an affiliate program that you like then it may be worth your while to see if you can promote it directly. Usually what happens is that online stores and home business opportunity networks take a percentage of each sale as a fee and this may affect the amount of money you will get paid.

After completing all of these steps you will have found potentially the best affiliate products to promote, bit if not then get creative and create a product of your own.

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