For anyone who would like to start a legitimate business online affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. There are literally thousands of affiliate income opportunities available on the internet for both digital information or physical products and many people earn well in to the 6 – 7 figure range of incomes.

A popular affiliate website and one of the biggest online for information products is Clickbank. It is a simple process to register with them as an affiliate and once you do this you will receive an affiliate code. You can then choose from thousands of products the ones that you would like to promote. Once you have chosen a product to market you will receive a unique link.

This link is what identifies you as the person who makes the sale when anybody buys through your marketing efforts you will then receive a commission for the sale which will be paid directly from Clickbank. This system is very reliable and the company has been online for ten years now.

If physical products are more appealing to you then Amazon is a good placed to go. Amazon is one of the world’s largest retailers online and they have a vast selection of products for you to market as an affiliate. The registration process here is also easy to do and you will then be able to create links to any of the products that you are interested in promoting and whenever a purchase is made by someone using your affiliate link the will receive a commission.

There are so many different ways to earn good affiliate commissions but one way is to create your own personal website with pictures and information about the products that you are promoting and links to these products. By having a website of your own you can market a variety of products all from on place which expands the number of online income opportunities that you can sell.

Some marketers prefer to create a landing page which is a way of pre-selling a product and it has the added advantage of being able to capture your visitors’ name and email address. In this way you can build an email list of subscribers who over time as you build a relationship with these people will be customers to whom you can sell products on an ongoing basis.

If all of this is new to you and you need some help and support with the process there is a ton of information available online. Or you could sign up for affiliate training courses. The companies who use affiliate to market their products will give you as much support as possible as your success is just as important to them as it is to you. The sales of their products depend on it so it becomes a win-win situation for everybody.

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