An affiliate marketer is well on the path to online success once they have made their first sale, provided they can repeat the process. There is one major obstacle though that seems to prevent them from achieving this result, and that is excuses. The sad thing is that in most cases these people are not even aware that they are making excuses, and will come up with a long list of “reasons” for not getting tasks done. The biggest obstacle though, is without question the fact that they are continually searching for the “best” affiliate program.                              

There are a variety of methods that you can use to get past this mental block, and once you know about it you can fight it.

To begin with we need to discuss the problem, which is really quite straight forward. Affiliate marketers never get started promoting an affiliate program because they are still searching for “the one”. In reality there actually is no such thing as the best one, which means that they are constantly looking for the next online income opportunity and are missing out on the programs that are right in front of them. Some of them will spend months searching for the next best thing without realizing that they are even doing it.

Due diligence is essential but it should not be all consuming and overwhelming. What this should mean to you is that whatever affiliate program you are looking at right now is in all likelihood quite good enough. So long as your pre-requisites are met then you should “just do it”.

If you haven’t as yet made a list of your pre-requisites, here are a few of the most common ones.

The first point to consider is the price of the product. Don’t make the mistake that many online marketers make of only setting one single price point, especially if you are promoting to a list. You will often find that the average person will generally start off by making smaller purchases and then gradually increase the amounts they spend with you as your credibility and their trust in you grows.

What sort of commission does the affiliate company pay out? Although this might seem like an obvious pre-requisite, it is one that many online affiliate marketers fail to look at, but it is important. Also you need consider the type of commission you want to earn, whether you are more interested in receiving once off payments or recurring residual income.

If your main focus is towards earning recurring commissions from membership sites, then you will probably get paid less per sale, but the advantage is that you will continue to be paid over a long period of time so that in fact you will end up earning far more than you would from a single one off sale.

There may be other pre-requisites that you want to set such as, the type of product you are interested in promoting. For example your main focus may be on digital “how to” products or on the other hand you may be happier promoting physical products and all of this can affect the commission percentage rate as well.

The important point to remember is that so long as you find a product that meets your minimum pre-requisites you need to get on with doing the job and stop worrying about the next best thing. Don’t become one of those online affiliate marketers who ends up being a statistic. So long as the product meets your basic criteria, has a good conversion rate and offers a reasonable commission, you can get moving and start to generate an income. If at a later stage you find a better affiliate product, it is simple enough to substitute that one for the one that you first promoted.

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