When I started my internet marketing business I decided that my main method of advertising, and the best way to become known online, would be to use article marketing.
Initially I began by submitting my article manually to various article directories. There is nothing wrong with doing it this way, the only problem is that it is extremely time consuming and as I had a day J.O.B. my time was limited.
I tried a few different article submitting companies and then came across Submit Your Article. At first glance it appeared to be pretty much like any other article submitting service but when I looked closer I realized that there are quite a few differences.
Here are some of the benefits that I found at Submit Your Article.
1.  Articles are distributed to thousands of article directories at the click of a button, giving you the possible readership of millions of people.
2. You get a personal RSS feed for all your articles – add this to your own website and you will automatically keep your own site updated.
3.  The resource box is easy to manage and update at any time.
4.  Articles can be managed in a full article management suite.
5.  The choice is yours on how the articles are distributed. In other words you have the ability to choose whether an article should be distributed to all directories in one day, over a period of seven day or even trickled to the directories over a 30 day period.
Another great feature that I found nowhere else is their Article Leveraging. This software gives you the ability to make certain changes to your article so that when it is distributed it does not go out to every directory looking exactly the same. Without a doubt this is giving your business greater exposure.
If like me you are a person with limited time, and want to submit articles to many directories on a regular basis, then using a submitter is the only answer and for me Submit Your Article is definitely the answer. The exposure I get from them I could not get anywhere else.

Using an article submitter service is easy to do and takes all the tedious part of the process away from you. By using a service like SYA you will be able to compete with others who are using the power of leveraging with this type of service, and you will be amazed at the improvement in your results.

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