Article marketing is quite easy to do and being amongst the successful online article marketers is not impossible to achieve. There are some pitfalls that you will need to avoid if you want to achieve this position and not finish up amongst the group who are now ex article marketers who are now struggling to earn an income online.

When done correctly article marketing can get you amazing results and the good thing is that the cost is minimal. Article marketing on the other hand when not done correctly is nothing more than a total waste of your valuable time.

So here are 5 mistakes that you can avoid:

1.  First off is the title. It is important that you keep in mind that the title of your article is going to be amongst many others who are all vying for the attention of the prospective reader. If your title fails to catch the reader’s eye then they will just move on to the next one so make sure that the title to your article stands out from the crowd, but check that it is relevant to the article you have written.

2.  You must have a clear purpose! The whole point of article marketing is that you want the reader to read your article above others. Do you have a goal in mind? You need to be very clear on what you want them to do and give them ample reason to do it. This is something that many article marketers fail to do. There is no point in being vague you need to take your readers’ from point A to point B.

3.  Take the time to learn who your target audience is. When you write an article you should at all times remember for whom you are writing and do it the same way you would if you were speaking to them. Don’t underestimate anyone, there are probably people reading your articles who are way more intelligent and knowledgeable than you are about the subject matter so make sure that you have researched your subject thoroughly.

4.  Don’t waste time writing articles that are not going to be published by any of the article directories. Check the standards and terms that are required by the strictest article directories and adhere to their terms. By doing this you will ensure getting your articles published and the more articles you have circulation on the internet the better.

In saying this I am not inferring that you should write just for the sake of it. Choose subjects within you niche that will be relevant and interesting for your readers and no matter how careful you are for the article directories also remember that you are writing articles that will be read by real people.
5.   As an internet article marketer you must remember with every article that you write what your purpose is in doing so. Always remember to invite your readers to visit your website. Your goal is to not only ask them to visit but you also want them to take some action once they get there so ask for the sale if that is your ultimate goal and ask them to click on the link that you have provided.

One final and very important point is to always proof read your article before submitting it for publishing. It is incredible how many people don’t do this and it can result in your article not being published. If you learn to avoid these mistakes you will find that in no time at all you will be well on the road to success as an article marketer.

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