If you use your blog to market your online income business then blogging regularly is absolutely essential if you want to get ahead of your competitors. Just check the blogs of your competitors and you will see that the really successful ones are those who keep their blogs up to date with fresh relevant content.

To do this can become very time consuming so here are some thirty minute strategies that can get you going successfully and will not take too much of your time.

1.  Many internet marketers start out by blogging daily but rapidly lose interest because of the effort required to do this even though it is of paramount importance and will pay off in the future, especially as the content grows on your blog.

By setting a goal to add fresh content to your blog a minimum of three times a week, and sticking to this, you will be well ahead of many other internet marketers.

2.  If you find it difficult to get new content for your blog consider hiring someone to write blog articles for you or buy maybe 15 articles at a time that you can just copy and paste  into your blog at three day intervals.

Another option is to buy PLR articles that you can rewrite and claim as your own. None of these articles need to be longer that 250 words.

3.  Add graphics to your blog to liven it up. There are many affiliate programs where you will be able to get graphics to use or you can get images from Google. You tube is also an option and you can get videos directly from them to download to your blog.

4.  Use Onlywire.com and the social directories in it. This way you can quickly bookmark your blog posts with just one click which can save you an enormous amount of time. The big benefit of bookmarking your posts is that it will help you to get backlinks and traffic to your blog.

If you are prepared to spend the thirty minutes three times a week following these online income success strategies I have given you here you will begin to see more traffic coming to your site which in turn will increase the amount of business you do and in the end that translates into cash.

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