Even though the internet is changing all the time, there is one factor that never seems to change and that is the power of article marketing. By writing articles that are rich in keywords and submitting them to article directories you will not only get targeted traffic to your website but you will also receive high rankings in the search engines.

Here are some easy steps to help you improve your article writing and your efforts to market the articles you write.

1.  To begin with you will need to build a list of keywords related to the niche your business is in. It is not difficult to get good keywords as there are many free tools available on the internet to assist in this endeavor, such as Wordtracker and Google.

Writing good articles begins with knowing what keywords you are using to build your article around.

2.  A very important point to consider is the title of your article. This is the first thing to catch your reader’s eye and it is what will make them either want to read your article or not. Practice writing really eye catching titles. An easy way to learn how to do this is by going to your favorite article directory and checking out some of the articles being written.

Create a file of potential titles for your future articles and make sure that it is from titles that caught your eye. Another point is to see that your titles are keyword rich as this is what will draw the attention of the search engines.

3.  You have a small window of opportunity to get the attention or your reader, so make the first paragraph strong. People are very busy today so this is the part that will keep them interested enough to continue reading the rest of your article.

4.  Your article doesn’t need to be long, rather concentrate on writing the best article you possibly can. Many of the best articles are focused on the original idea without any additional rambling. It is more important to make your words count, this way you will not lose your reader’s interest.

5.  Submit your articles to the best article directories instead of trying to get them into as many directories as possible. One of the biggest problems that internet marketers face is a shortage of time available and submitting articles is very time consuming.

If you don’t have sufficient time to spend submitting your article then concentrate on only submitting to directories such as Ezinearticle.com.

Alternatively if you have the funds then think about using an article directory submitter. They will submit your article to directories on your behalf. A good example of this is Submit Your Article. They do an excellent job and submit to thousands of directories.

In summary if you follow the above steps to improve on your article marketing efforts you will reap huge benefits now and in the future. Concentrate on writing excellent articles, target where you submit them and use keywords related to your niche.

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