Driving targeted traffic to their websites is one of the major problems that online business marketers face when trying to advertise their business on a limited budget. Because article marketing is basically a free or very low cost method it is extremely popular.

The question to consider though is whether it is actually article marketing, or would one rather call it article advertising?

In my opinion I think that internet marketers who are using article marketing as a means of getting traffic would do better to view it as article advertising. There are millions of people who come online every day looking for answers to problems they may have and this provides a wonderful opportunity for internet businesses to provide the kind of
information that they require.

Unfortunately a lot of marketers don’t research and write the correct type of article. The correct way to do it is to research the keywords that people are using to find the information they want and these keywords are what should be used to target the article itself.

This is probably the most important part of the article as you will never rank well in the search engines if you are not targeting specific keywords and it doesn’t matter how much time you spend submitting your articles to different article directories.

The truth is that you could probably do very well by submitting your article to a service such as Submit Your Article. With a service like this you have the choice of making each article unique with their patented rewriting software.

Another important point is that to truly benefit from an article, you need to have a well written resource box. Resource boxes generally give specific instructions to the reader and one that is well written will get far more traffic.

For this reason it makes no sense to write a long and boring resource box. People will not be bothered to even read it.  It is far better to write one that gives the reader clear instructions of what you want them to do in the least amount of words.

If you are not sure of how to write a good resource box, then visit ezinearticles.com. It is the largest article directory on the internet and check out the resource boxes written by their expert authors. You will notice that they all have very short resource boxes.

So in summary these are the point to consider. View article marketing as article advertising and remember that your main goal is to write articles with targeted keywords which will drive traffic to your online business website. Keep your resource box short and submit to the right article  directories.

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