Ask anyone who blogs which post of theirs received the most attention and you will probably get two different answers to the question. The reason for this is that the blog posts that are really good are usually the ones that tend to be ignored. The good news though, is that there are some techniques that you can use to increase the popularity of your really good posts. When you examine some of the more popular blog posts you will notice that there are certain things that they all have in common.

To begin with you must focus on your readers. Don’t spend your time talking about yourself on your blog. It is not my intention to be offensive but let’s face it, people who are reading your posts are reading them for information that will be helpful to them, and they really don’t care to know how your day went. Whatever subject you are talking about be sure to let them know how they can benefit from it.

Make sure that each blog post focuses on one main point. Studies have been done over the past couple of decades on how humans manage information. The consensus is that the average person can only concentrate on a maximum of two ideas at any one time. By giving your readers too many ideas at once they will end up missing or ignoring the message you are trying to impress upon them.

If you have a lot of different ideas that you want to pass on, it would be better to split them into a series of posts, instead of trying to offload everything all at once.

Another very important point to remember is to treat your readers the same way you would treat your friends, or at least someone that you really enjoy talking to. Keep in mind that even though you are writing professionally, the people who are reading your posts are not professional readers. Speak to them the same as you would to any friend. Use your natural voice and you will have a better chance of building a rapport and connecting to them. This will also increase the chance of them leaving comments on your blog and getting involved.

People who read blogs generally tend to be quite practical and straightforward. When they read your blog post they are not looking for a lecture nor do they want text book information. All they want is down to earth practical help or advice that can give them the information to move forward with what they want to do.

Try to solve a problem with each blog post and be helpful towards your readers. Humans are problem solvers by nature, even when they don’t really know what the problem is. If you don’t know what problems your readers may be having, ask them. A good way to find out what problems they are having is by doing a survey, or inquire in a forum  and if you can solve that problem for them in your blog post they will be back to find out more. This will make people aware that you genuinely do want to help them.

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