Millions of people today have been bitten by the “Blogging Bug” and if you are among them, then congratulations are in order, as you are going to have a lot of fun! There are many different reasons why anyone starts a blog. Some of them do it just to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away and others do it because they want to share their knowledge or their hobbies and then there are those who use a blog to make money. No matter what your reason is for getting started as a blogger, it is essential that you start the right way and get some good advice. This article is here to help you get started.

Blogging is a fairly easy thing to learn; in fact the majority of people can discover all they need to know in approximately an hour or two. Below are four key points to remember as you start your blogging adventure.

1.  To begin with you can start a blog for free. There are a number of blogging programs that will host your blog without you having to pay one cent for it. Two of the best known free blogs are and and even the free versions will give you access to dozens of different themes and designs which are basically similar to the apps available on smart phones and these will give you the opportunity to do a whole lot of different things with your blog. Many of them are also free.                                             

2.  When it comes to the topic of your blog there are two important points to think about. What do you love and do you intend using your blog to start an online home based business? There are times when these two things may overlap, in other words your business blog may be all about something that you love or are deeply interested in. If you have a hobby but not enough people are not interested in to make it profitable, then obviously this is not something you would try to make money from as not too many will pay for products related to it.

3.  The important point to keep in mind when you start a blog, particularly if it is a business blog to make money, is that you will want people to return to it regularly to read your latest posts. If you want them to keep returning then you will need to ensure that your posts your blog are related to the theme or topic of your blog. For example if your blog is about dog training then there is no point in discussing subjects that are totally unrelated to dogs. Occasionally it may be all right to break away from the subject slightly, but if this happens too often you will lose a lot of your readers. Remember that they joined because of their interest in your original subject, so give them what they signed up for.

4.  If your intention is to use your blog as a home based online business tool, then you would be much better off buying your own domain name and getting a separate hosting account. Don’t panic if all of this sounds strange to you, it really is not that expensive or difficult and is well worth it. The reason why I suggest this avenue is because sticking with just the free version; you don’t really own the blog, not the name of your blog or that tiny piece of “real estate” that your blog sits on. You would be much better off buying your domain name and getting your blog hosted as this way it will belong to you and you can make your own decisions about what you want to do with it. This is a far more sensible method of structuring your online business.

Hopefully these 4 bits of advice will help you when you get started, but just remember above all else that it is important to have fun with your blog as it is a great way to express you ideas, so enjoy it .

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