A blog is a site that originally was like an online journal, but has evolved into a place where people can promote their websites. Many questions have been asked recently about the way that a blog works and how it actually differs from normal static websites.

There are generally 4 basic differences that make a blog different from a website:

1. Posts.

The core function of blogs is posts and this is what you use as the building blocks of any blog and it is also the glue that holds it all together. Posting on a blog is usually done by the blog owner and can contain a variety of subjects all at the owner’s discretion. Also the blog posts will appear in chronological order, whereas with a website it is not absolutely essential to post. It is generally a basic site where people go for information on a particular product or idea.


Blogs are interactive and this allows people to leave comments on any of the blog posts that are made, provided that it has been authorized by the owner. This is a great method to use for any blog owner to begin communicating with his/her readers, which is the start of building a relationship with the visitors to your site. The comment section on any blog is also useful in driving traffic to your website and is an important component of any blog.

3. Categories.

The category section of your blog is where all the information on your blog is stored from the posts that you have made. The whole purpose of this is to keep your content organized and make it easier for your visitors to find any information that they may be looking for. It also helps to prevent you blog from looking overcrowded and it keeps it looking neat and well formatted.

With most blogs you have the choice of either organizing the posts into months or topics and there is even a search feature that will help the reader to find the information quickly. Blogs usually come with software that will automatically place your posts into the correct categories.

4.  An extremely important aspect of a blog is that it allows the inclusion of an opt-in box where your readers can enter name and email address and be notified every time you make a new post. In effect they become a member of the blog and part of the community.

There are some big differences between a blog and a website and the more you understand about these differences the more you will realize what fun a blog can be and you can meet many new people with the same interests as you. While at the same time that you are sharing your ideas, you can be building a successful online business.

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