It is a known fact that you can make money online just by blogging, but many internet marketers think that all they need to do is add some type of advertising or merely promote affiliate offers. In fact there are many indirect ways to make money from your blog, that the majority of legitimate online businesses can benefit from indirectly by having a blog.  

Here are some ideas of different ways that you can profit indirectly from your business blog. A fairly common way to profit indirectly from you blog is through speaking or consulting engagements. If you are recognized as an expert in your field people will want to ask for your advice and opinion and
many people will happily pay for it. Although this is more suited to some niches than others, it is still a method that is used widely.

If blogging forms part of your legitimate online business strategy then there is always a possibility that you will receive offers of employment, most probably on a contract basis, just because the company liked your blog. Today many of the larger companies’ are aware that bloggers, through blogging have actively shown their particular expertise within a given field. Your blog can do more to promote your skills than any resume could.

Another income opportunity that would help you make more money online is through writing deals. There are various ways that this could happen, for example; as a freelance writer. Many of the most successful freelance writers have websites of their own, because it is such a wonderful tool. There is also the possibility of offline writing jobs such as articles for newspapers or magazines and many bloggers have found paid positions in some of these companies.

Finally, something else you should not discount is the potential connections that you can make through your online business blog. There are so many different people that you can meet in your particular industry and one of them could very well be your future business partner. People who will read your blog will obviously have the same or similar interest as you do or will also share the same type of expertise in your field, and there is no reason why you should not create a JV opportunity together, that would benefit both of you.

So with all of this in mind I am sure that you can see the huge potential that you can derive indirectly from your online business blog. It is not necessary to overload your blog with banner ads and all sorts of offers just to make a profit (although a few do make your blog more interesting). If you have good content on your blog you can still end up by receiving more offers than you ever dreamed was possible.

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