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If you want to make some serious money on the World Wide Web then you will definitely need to find the right online residual income opportunities. These kind of opportunities mean that you will be earning cash regularly from work that you only do once but end up earning income from your effort for a very long time to come and possibly for many years.       

So how do your find or create great residual income opportunities for yourself?

Actually there are just two factors you need to focus on to ensure residual income.

The most important is traffic. Chances of generating income are zero if you do not have any traffic. And so this is where you have to start when seeking good residual income opportunities. The most reliable method of generating regular targeted traffic is by using popular keyword phrases and optimizing your site so that you are able to receive traffic directly from leading search engines like Google.

If this is too complex for you then you can go for pay per click advertisements. These are the ads that appear next to search results. What you will need to be careful to do is to ensure that the income you end up generating from this effort is more than what you have to pay for your PPC ads to drive traffic to your web page. This is much simpler than it may appear at first sight because the truth is that there are many people already running profitable PPC campaigns that give them a profit and guarantee them a regular residual income every single month.

Also critical if you want to ensure that you are dealing with genuine online residual income opportunities, is a good conversion rate. In other words there must be a good percentage of the visitors who end up on your website who are converted into actual paying customers. If your conversion rate is way too low then it means that you will usually require a very high level of traffic to get a single customer to buy. This is what happens with many websites and is a recipe for frustration. What should happen is that a reasonable percentage, say 20 percent or even more of the targeted traffic that lands on your web page are converted into real customers. This is one of the reasons why targeted clientele is always much more valuable and effective.

One way of ensuring a high conversion rate is to find a way to harvest the email addresses of the targeted traffic landing on your residual income opportunities website. These email addresses should go into an auto responder where those who respond can receive regular information from you. This is the most efficient way of selling online because research after research has shown that most folks will only feel confident enough to purchase from you after dozens of encounters. If you are able to put the entire system on auto pilot then this can be yet another important revenue source from your online residual income opportunities site.

When you create residual income you will get paid over and over for doing the work only once. Residual income also known as recurring income is a great way to make money once you understand exactly how it works.

An excellent way to build residual income is by using affiliate marketing. People don’t really think of affiliate marketing as a means to create residual income but there are some very good ways that you can use it to do so.

In this article we will discuss four methods that you can apply to build an income for the future and you can do it using affiliate marketing.

1.  You may have heard about two tier affiliate programs. These are programs that pay you for any sales that you make and they also pay you a commission for affiliates that you recruit into the program.

By recruiting a great group of super affiliates you will then earn a commission from every sale that they make and over time you will find that even when you don’t do any work yourself, your business will continue to flourish from the income you receive from your personally recruited affiliates.

2.  Sell programs that contain a monthly membership fee. There are many training programs on the internet today that have recurring billing. By becoming an affiliate and recruiting people below you, you will then earn an income every time anyone of these people is billed. This can over an extended period add up to a substantial amount of money.

Website hosting or auto responders are excellent products to sell as anyone with an internet based business will need these products, as you cannot run an online business without them.

3. There are people who make millions of dollars every year off multiple websites. By developing multiple websites and getting them set up on autopilot, these sites will generate traffic and create commissions from the hard work done by the website owners in previous years.

By building websites in multiple niches and using affiliate marketing you can continue to earn money selling all kinds of products.

4.  Another way is to create your own products such as writing an e-book and selling it through Clickbank. Let affiliates sell it for you and new sales will continue to be made on a monthly basis bringing you a further source of income.

These are four methods where you can put affiliate marketing into play to generate a residual income for yourself. It takes a lot of hard work in the beginning but the rewards you will continue to receive for years to come make the effort well worth while.

Before the advent of the internet as a marketing tool, network marketing was a very difficult business in which to make money. The major selling point of network marketing businesses is the concept of leveraging your time to get rich and this is something that many network marketers cannot grasp.

Previously to find prospects one had to send information out via snail mail or spend many hours calling people on the phone. This was a time consuming and laborious process and it was very difficult to build a network business.

The major selling point of network marketing businesses is the concept of leveraging your time to get rich and this is something that many network marketers cannot grasp. The concept is really quite simple. What it entails is recruiting new distributors into the business. Each new distributor that you recruit who spends an hour working on their business is also spending that hour working on your business.

In this way you are now leveraging your time without actually putting any extra hours onto your work day. So the more people you manage to have working under you, the greater your potential will be to increase your income. Have you heard the saying “It is better to have 100 people each working an hour per day for you, than to work 100 hours for yourself”.

This is the reason that many network marketers get so rich without having to spend more than a few hours every week working on their businesses. The lesson to be learned here is how to find the quality distributors and how to make use of leveraging your time to grow your business successfully.

It is at this point that the internet comes into play! By prospecting using tools such as squeeze pages to capture people’s name and email addresses to follow up with them in the future is a great way to leverage your time.

It is a simpler process today to build a large list of possible prospects and follow up with them with the use of email marketing most of which can be done with the use of an auto-responder. You can build a list of thousands of people who have subscribed to your list and you can do all of this online. This is a fantastic way to build a network marketing business.

Can you imagine the possibility of having a few thousand people in your down-line all duplicating your methods and putting in the time to their internet network businesses as you are doing? This is the real power of network marketing, you could quite literally become rich and with no extra effort on your part, and this is all thanks to the internet and leveraging your time.

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