If you ask you successful internet marketer where the turning point in their online income was, the majority of them will tell you that they started making money after they built an email list of subscribers. There is an essential tool that you will need to help you build your list and that is the services of an auto-responder. I researched a number of different programs when first starting out and found that for me the best auto-responder service was GetResponse.com.

GetResponse.com was started by the Implix Company in 1989 and they claim to have thousands of members from various countries around the world. Since they first began they have continued to improve their service and have continuously added new enhancements to their offer including free tutorials on marketing and videos on how to use their system. Their technical support is first class and their response to any help required is prompt.    

Here are some of the features they supply which sets GetResponse.com ahead of their competition as the best auto-responder service available.

1.  They offer excellent email analytics with which you can track every aspect of your email campaigns, so that you can easily see where something is not working well and you can improve on your marketing efforts. You can also track everything in real time from email clicks to the number of emails opened and even your sales.

2.  You are now able to track your email campaigns on your iPhone, all you need is the GetResponse iPhone application and you can see the status of your campaigns even while you are out and about.

3.  A great tool called GetResponse Form Builder that allows you to build attractive web forms with just a few clicks of your mouse, with over five hundred different templates available so there is no need to design on yourself.

4.  Apart from these features there are many more such as Online Surveys, Email to Speech and Video Email Marketing.

For people who are just starting out as online business marketers or anyone else for that matter, GetResponse offers a free account. This is a great feature when you are new to internet marketing and are only generating up to a hundred leads per month and just beginning to build an email list. The only downside to this free account is that any emails you send out will also include an advertisement from one of their paying subscribers.

They offer various paying plans and it is easy to find one that will suit your budget best with a choice of paying monthly, six monthly or annually included. I found that for me they gave the best choices with a program that is simple to use, even if you are not technologically inclined and this made GetResponse the best auto-responder service of all the programs I researched.