There are some ways to work from home online that does not require any type of selling on your part. 

There are so many opportunities that make big promises, but in fact is can be very difficult to make money with, it can get very discouraging.  There are some ways that many people do not even think of to make money using a computer and staying home.  

Instead of looking for an opportunity to sell something that someone else has created, use your existing skills to have something to offer to others.  There is many employers looking for online freelancers and this is continuing to grow.  It is often more affordable for a business owner to use a freelancer online compared to hiring an actual employee.

You can bid on jobs and projects and there are sites that are devoted to helping put the freelancer and the employer in touch with one another. Some positions will be long term and some will be short term.  This is a great way to put your skills to use and make money while doing so.  

Working from home can help you to forgo the expense of daycare.  This is an outrageous expense for many parents.  If you often worry about your children while you are away working, finding an online job can be the perfect alternative.  

There are many great advantages to finding work from home online opportunities.  You can put your skills to use and help to supplement your existing household income.

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