It does not need to cost a fortune to get started in your own internet based business, in fact for the average person this is one of the least expensive methods of becoming a business owner. There are a number of website marketing tools that you can use to promote your legitimate online income business and many of them are free. Here are some ideas to begin with.

If you have a website then you can put it on Facebook and Twitter to gain more visibility. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and this has lead to many software designers developing programs that can automate your Twitter marketing, there are free as well as paid tools for you to choose from both of which will make you job much easier.   

You can create a WordPress blog for free and write about topics that apply to your business with a link that sends readers to your website or to a legitimate online income product that you want to promote. There are even tools that will automate your updates and blog posts.

Article marketing is another way to become successful and earn an income online. If you write interesting and informative articles about your business or the niche that your business is about you can then submit them to article directories. Every article that you submit can have a link back to your website or blog which can be placed in the resource box at the foot of each article. No time to spend submitting the articles to numerous directories! There are marketing tools to take care of this for you as well, all you need is an article submission service and they will do all the time consuming work for you. Another choice here is to buy some software that duplicates your articles, makes the changes and then submits them to the various article directories.

To successfully market your business and earn a legitimate online income, keyword research is essential and there are a number of tools to help you with this process as well. For example Google, Bing and Yahoo all have free tools that can help you find the best keywords to focus on for your particular business. Alternatively you can buy products that will help you find the right keywords and give you even more detail and they can do it a lot quicker as well.

Want a different form of free advertising; there are advertising sites such as USFreeAds or Craigslist, and there are even tools to help you automate this process.

One of the most popular methods of business promotion at the moment is with the use of videos and YouTube is the most popular of all the hundreds of video sites where you can upload your videos. You can even find free submission tools to do this for you. With many of these tools although they are free you usually have the choice of an upgrade which will give you even more benefits when you use them.

So with all of these free and paid marketing tools available it should not be difficult to get started in business and earn a legitimate online  income whether you want to work full time for yourself or just make some extra money from home.

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