When it comes to generating legitimate income online, there’s always a niche somewhere. Despite what anyone tells you about “casting the net” in the internet marketing world, you will always have to narrow your focus to provide specific value to a specific audience.

What does this mean?

Take an example topic such as.. I don’t know, let’s say hunting gear. An extremely large proportion of hunting gear and equipment is bought online because of over-inflated prices in retail stores. People often go to the big box store to try out crossbows or look at tents, and then go home and buy the items online.

They will immediately search in Google for their product with the lowest price. Your job is to do the research beforehand, capture key words and get to the top of the search engines. Once there you simply provide some value on the site, and then get the click which sends you the referral.

You won’t get a single penny if you just focus on “Hunting gear” and throw out small inconsequential articles, AdSense sites, or bogus advertising links on a bunch of topics. You have to get specific, you have to research, and you have to put in the work. Generating legitimate income online means offering real value, something that is not easily found.

Consider every niche you are trying to receive referral commissions from like a school research project. Most people just read the Wikipedia entry or the table of contents. You need to go deeper and find the history, best practices, and personal testimonial to really make your blog or AdSense site shoot up in the rankings. It’s not rocket science, but it does take effort.

Making use of your expertise                                                                          

Suppose you are a car mechanic.

There are a number of different ways you can approach the problem of monetizing your love for cars and car accessories. The first thing to remember is our point above, about always focusing down to the niche. So how many different ways are there to monetize car accessories online?

A lot actually.

Consider all the different people who search for accessories for their specific type of car. Consider all the different audio accessories; stereo systems, iPod hookups, cd players, amps, subwoofers, speakers in seats etc. that you can use to research and provide value to a searching audience.

The entire site that you build can be completely devoted to offering value, with a single monetizing agent such as Amazon. A rarely revealed secret in online income generation is that of simply revealing that you are getting a commission from a product and politely asking the user to consider buying from your affiliate.

Believe it or not, if people have legitimately gotten value from your site and are considering purchasing the product you describe, this one act will increase your chances of a referral several fold. This is much better than being deceptive or sneaky, or bombarding a user with ads in the hope that they click on something.

It is the less trodden path, the path of niche, but well worth the investment of time and energy.

Generating legitimate income online is not hard. It is also not easy. You do actually have to work to provide value, but the return you get from passive consistent income online is much greater than anything you will get from putting in hours in a workshop in the real world.

So go out, find your niche and be productive. You will thank yourself later.

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