Setting up a blog is not difficult; however making money with it is another story. The route that is most often chosen is to decide on a theme for the blog and then add some Adsense advertising and some affiliate links with the expectation of attracting lots of targeted traffic and earning extra income through commissions and click through rates.

Although there is nothing wrong with this method of monetizing your blog the problem is that until you begin to generate a large constant flow of targeted traffic to your site you will not make very much money. It takes time and effort with both writing blog posts and doing additional marketing of the actual blog before you will even begin to see results.

So here are a few ideas to help you earn extra income until your blog is established:

Many bloggers are using paid blogging networks as a means of earning some extra money. So what exactly are paid blogging networks and how do they work?

What a paid blogging network does basically is that it connects advertisers with bloggers. The advertisers will generally make an offer to pay a certain amount per post and the bloggers who receive these offers will get paid to publish a blog post, the length of which will be agreed upon and it will be about the advertisers’ service or product. Each advertiser will have different requirements and these can vary from just a simple link to a few words or a combination of links and words.

The amount that you can earn is dependent on the status of the blog and what the advertiser actually requires. There are a number of factors that will determine the status of the blog for example: how well established your blog is and the quantity of traffic that it receives on a daily basis etc.

Usually when you agree on a commission and you have completed your blog post you will post a link to your article on the paid blogging networks site and if it is approved you will then receive your commission for your work.

Initially you may find that you will not earn more than a dollar or two per post, so don’t expect to make much in the beginning. Don’t become discouraged though as there are some professional bloggers who earn several hundred dollars per post so the better you get the more you will be able to earn.

There are a number of paid blogging networks to choose from and in fact it might be a good idea to join more than one to maximize your income potential from them.

One great advantage of paid blogging networks is that they will supply you the topics to blog about which will lessen your likelihood of developing writers block. To get the best out of your blog though it would be more beneficial to mix these paid blogging posts in with some non-commercial posts as well and do this on a regular basis.

Make sure at all times that your blog posts are of value to your readers and that they are interesting enough to keep your audience reading to the very end. An honest review will do more for everyone concerned than an ‘infomercial’ and it will be a win-win situation for all concerned and that includes your online business blog.

If you enjoy writing there here is another option where you can write short articles or do reviews.

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