My World Plus is a fairly new program to hit the internet market but it is growing rapidly and the main reason is that it has more to offer than just an online business opportunity.

The one great aspect of this program is that even for people who don’t want to recruit and build an internet business there is still the aspect of great savings through their discount offers, and the benefits here are that it is on everyday products that we all use and from regular stores.

It is a discount saving program that you can begin reaping benefits from almost from the moment you join up, by downloading a temporary card. The permanent card will be posted you and you will receive it in approximately 7 – 10 days.

Both the website and the back office are user friendly and offer excellent training to get your business moving rapidly. You will be able to go immediately into your back office, enter a zip code and print out coupons that are usable at many different stores in your area and will save you anywhere between  $80 – $150 per month.

Apart from restaurants and fast food establishments, you can save money at toy stores, movies, hotels and many more establishments and the great thing is that these discounts are available globally. So even if you live outside of the United States, chances are that wherever you live you will be able to make use of these discounts.

We have talked about how you can save money with this program, but there is also an opportunity to earn an extra income as well:

If you are an internet marketer this is a business worth looking at and there is an opportunity to evaluate the company before you actually invest any money into it. You can initially sign up for a temporary position in the power line marketing system for free. When you do this you will see the power line come to life.

In a very short time period you will have paid members in your organization. Even before you even make the decision of whether or not you want to join. The cost is also something that is extremely affordable to practically everybody.

It costs just $19.95 per month for membership with a once off investment of $50, and most of this money can be recouped quickly by simply using your card and benefiting from the
discounts that you will receive on purchasing goods that you normally buy all the time in any case.

The one disadvantage as far as I can see is that for anyone living outside of the USA/ Canada has less discount benefits from stores and restaurants. The discounts available in other countries seem mainly to apply to hotels or golf courses, but the business opportunity it just as great and really all you need to do is refer one paid member a month to put you in profit.

Take the tour by clicking on the banner below:

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