Blogs are a great method to use for any online income business not only to get your message across to a wide internet audience, but also as a business tool to do free advertising and drive more targeted traffic to your website. There are however some important points that you should observe when writing and posting to your blog.

1. First of all when writing articles for your blog it is important to think about the type of readers you want to attract. Write as if you are speaking to these people directly in other words as if you were speaking to one particular person face to face.

The internet is a place where people generally go if they are looking for information so whatever valuable info you may have to give write it in such a way that whoever is reading it can easily understand what you are talking about. Remember at all times that these are real people reading your article, so don’t write it in language that only a hi-tech person can understand.

2. Make your website interesting and valuable. Everyone today lives an extremely busy life and no one has time to waste on looking at a website that is boring and unattractive. If you have nothing useful to impart in the way of information then it might be an idea to interview somebody in your niche and post this on your blog, invite a guest to post an interesting article or ask your readers what they would like to know about and write something from the answers that you get.

3. Always, always proofread what you have written before clicking on the publish button on your blog. There is nothing worse than reading an article that is full of errors, this will not only put your readers off and send them scuttling to another website post haste, but you will also lose credibility.

4. Keep your articles as short and simple as possible. When reading anything online people generally scan whatever it is. If you fail to get your point across quickly and grab their attention, before you know it they will be gone from your blog and on to the next one.

5. Use your keywords in your articles as this will make it easier for the search engines to find you and will help with your rankings. The higher you rank on the search engines the better your blog exposure will be and this will equate to more targeted traffic.

6. Grab your readers’ attention by writing a headline that makes them want to read more. Because there is so much information on the internet today, you need to get the attention of your reader in the first few seconds or you have lost them so write a headline that makes them want to read more.

By following these simple tips you will have a blog that will not only have good content but it will attract targeted traffic and help you increase your online income as you gain more followers.

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