The network marketing business is pretty much a numbers game. To make money with your network opportunity you need to generate a consistent stream of targeted traffic to your website, and the more traffic you get the more money you will make.

Here are some tips to help you start getting that targeted traffic to your site:

1.  Write articles and get them published in article directories. Write reports and e-books, this is something that internet users are always looking for so use them as a way to promote your opportunity. A good method for this purpose is to distribute a brandable e-book or report, one where a website owner can change a link to include their own website or name. This does not allow them to change things so that it looks like they are the publisher; it is just a way for them to include some information on where the book or report was downloaded from and when applicable to include their affiliate link to your product.

2.  Join social networking sites and build a network. These sites are designed to make meeting people in the same industry as yourself easy, and it is possible to promote your products and services to others who are interested in the same things as you are. It is similar to networking events that take place offline and is really a way to meet like-minded people.

3.  Become active and participate in forums, mailing lists and newsgroups. There are hundreds of forums online and you can easily find those that apply to your network marketing business. Most of them will allow a signature with a link back to your website, and this gets attached to every message you post. Just a word of warning here, whatever you do, don’t spam. In other words, when you post a message make sure that it is relevant to the conversation you are joining and keep your advertising to your signature. If you spam in these forums you will very quickly be banned and this will hurt your online reputation, so don’t even think of attempting it.

Of course that amount of traffic you receive from becoming part of the forum community depends on the number of posts you make and whether you signature interests people enough to make them want to click on it and find out more about you.

4.  Include a signature on all your outgoing emails. People are generally curious and will click on a link in your signature, even if your email content has nothing to do with the network marketing business you are promoting. All you need to do is add a powerful signature that is set up to go out automatically on every email you send, once it is set up you never have to think about it again.

5.  Make use of traffic exchanges and classified advertising sites. Although these have got a bad reputation they do actually work if you learn how to use them correctly. By promoting a product or service that is beneficial to people you will generate a lot of extra traffic to your site. Although not too many consumers visit these sites, the majority of online business owners do, as they need to be sure that their own ads are appearing there. And need I say it again, the more traffic you get the more money you will make.

These 5 network marketing business tips are just some of the ways to begin generating traffic but with a bit of thought and imagination you will find many more. Some of them are free and others you may have to pay for, but promoting your network marketing business is essential if you want it to be successful.

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