The ways that an auto responder can add to your marketing success are practically limitless although some methods are more effective that others. There is no need to feel that you can only use your auto responder in one way. If you are unhappy with the methods that you are currently using up to now, you can easily modify your auto responder strategy.                                                                                             

Here are 4 ideas for you to think about for a more effective marketing campaign:

1.  E-courses are one of the first breakthroughs that were made in auto
responder marketing
strategies. By offering 1 – 10 weeks of content as an e-course instead of creating a free e-book or report, you could get people to join your email subscriber list. The first set of emails you send them will give a brief course on the selected subject and by the time the course comes to an end you should have managed to build some trust and credibility with you readers. This should allow you to then return to the more traditional method of email marketing.

2.  Sending out weekly or monthly email marketing newsletters is the most common of all auto responder marketing strategies and the key to success with this method is to ensure that the content you are offering your subscribers is always up to date. Newsletters not only help you to keep your readers up to date, but it also gives you the opportunity to add extra content to every message without the need to overwhelm them.  Provided you are only sending them emails once a week, filling it with content is more appropriate, and adding text adverts or banners is somehow more accepted.

3.  A method that is not used as often as others, but has consistently proved to be effective is by making every email a short overview paragraph of a webpage or blog post that is available on your website. This overview should be enough to peak your readers interest so that they will then want to click the link to your website to find out more. Provided you can do this effectively there are quite a few advantages to be gained. To begin with the fact that they are now looking at your website, means they are not surprised by seeing advertisements and secondly they are far more likely to explore other pages or posts as well. The final advantage is that with more traffic to your website your stats will improve and you will find that your online business opportunities will appear more popular than they would without this extra source of traffic.

4. The fourth idea is to use a minimalistic approach with your auto responder marketing strategy.  What this approach entails is to load your auto responder with a minimum amount of content for example an e-course. You use this content as a way to introduce yourself to your readers and to prove that you can give them information that can add
value and help with their own aspirations. When all of this content has been sent, you will then be emailing your whole subscriber list in real- time. By following this method you will ensure that your content is always relevant and up do date, but keep in mind that this method does require more time and effort than just pre-loading content.

There are many other auto responder strategies that can be followed but these four methods are among the most effective and popular. No matter what strategy you decide on, make sure that it is one that you feel comfortable with and that it will help you achieve your goals.

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