It is important to know the difference between just any old free traffic and how to get targeted traffic to a blog or website. Visitors can be sent quite easily to a site and it can be done at no cost, but if they have no idea what the website or blog is all about, they will exit as fast as they landed there. There is a pretty good chance that you will even loose your position in the search engine rankings if this happens consistently, in fact you can end up being banned.

The internet is a marvelous place to find income opportunities and you can even make money by sending free targeted traffic to your site but it does require some time and effort on your part.   

Here are some ideas on how to get targeted traffic to a blog or website.

If you enjoy writing and are happy to share your ideas online then a blog is a great way to do this as this is one of the most effective methods of getting targeted traffic and the search engines love blogs.

Having the freedom to share your thoughts and ideas by writing compelling articles gives you the opportunity to attract the reader’s attention particularly if you add some interesting images. When posting articles to your blog you can pitch your website directly to your readers or you can do it more subtly be including links in your posts or inserting ads, all of which leads to more targeted traffic.

Participating in forums is another method of getting people to your blog or website and it is free. By visiting various forums that are related to your business niche and joining in the conversation either by asking questions or answering existing queries by other forum members, people will get to know you and want to learn more about you. Most forums will allow you to leave a link back to your site in your signature and anyone who is interested can then click on this link and this is just another way how to get targeted traffic to a blog.

Just one very important point when it comes to forum posting, do not spam. If you do not have anything interesting to say or anything that is pertinent to the conversation, then rather don’t post a comment. Spamming will get you banned from forums in no time at all, and it will also harm your reputation.

Link exchanges can also help to increase the traffic to your site and by browsing the web when you find sites with similar interests to yours you can invite the webmaster to exchange links with you. Be sure to provide clear link details, an interesting title and an accurate URL if you want to attract targeted traffic from websites where visitors might be interested enough to follow the link back to your blog or website.

These are just a few ideas on how to get targeted traffic to a blog but there are many other methods available, just use your imagination and be prepared for some hard work, your online success depends on it.

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