As an affiliate marketer with your own online business your main task is to drive huge amounts of targeted traffic to your website. In this article we will discuss various ways to increase your traffic, thus improving your chances of increasing your online income.            

E-mail campaigns

You can use e-mail campaigns to drive traffic. By using carefully planned e-mails and providing the full content in the e-mail messages, or by giving only a portion of the content and then the balance on your affiliate business website. Always include a linked e-mail signature.

Writing Articles

Informative and how-to articles, especially well-written ones, are proven traffic baits for affiliate marketing sites.  Include links to similar or additional information within the content body that can only be read from your site and provide additional links on your signature.


People love information, especially about subjects they are curious about or are involved in – which explains why targeted methods to drive traffic to affiliate marketing sites work best.

Offer free e-newsletter subscriptions, making sure that links bring recipients to your site.  Use a separate landing page to handle the subscription process for your visitors’ convenience.


Other than your affiliate marketing site, use a blog to get in touch with prospective customers and members.  Blogs are considerably more personal and lighter in tone than most online affiliate business sites and they can be a great source of information, news, advice and tips from you to your prospects.  Include a link from your blog to your affiliate marketing site.

Discussion forums and boards

By leaving useful and thought-provoking comments on discussion boards and forums, you encourage other members to react and send you a reply.  You’ll be able to build a networking relationship from here.  Make sure to sign with a link back to your affiliate marketing site.

Guest blogging

You could drive traffic from another person’s blog to yours by writing articles as a guest on someone else’s blog (with their permission). In this way you can benefit from their captured traffic. Some of those readers will click on the link back to your site if your article is interesting enough.

Allow bookmarks on your web pages

If you have good website content, you can drive traffic to your affiliate marketing site by allowing your readers to bookmark certain pages.  This will help promote those pages and your website to other people who might be interested in the same subjects.

Social bookmarking sites

These sites are a rich source of targeted traffic that you can drive to your online business
affiliate marketing site.  Your market demographics are also easier to define so sending out invitations to potential leads and members is a lot easier.


There’s nothing like a nice gift to drive targeted traffic to your online business website.  It’s easy to implement and can be relatively cheap.  Furthermore, you offer these visitors an incentive to sign up for whatever campaign it is you’re promoting.

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