Making a website is usually the easy part. The hard part is driving traffic to your site. Getting people to come to your website and probably end up buying whatever it is that you are selling, is the part that gives most website owners a headache. This should not be the case.

Laying the right foundations when making your website, and then following that up with a good investment in marketing efforts, in terms of time and money, yields very positive results.

To facilitate ease of getting traffic to your website, you should make a website that is very friendly, both to the human visitors, as well as the search engines, like Google. Search engine optimization, simply SEO, is the technique of making your website friendly to these two parties. A friendly website will make human visitors come back often and stay longer on your site. It also gets very good rankings on the different search engines, making it easy to find. This technique, very much helps with the free traffic. A good web designer will be able to optimize the website for the two, with relevant and informative content, as well as good site structure and navigation.

Besides SEO, there are other free and paid ways of driving targeted traffic to your website. Some free methods include article marketing, social media marketing, and RSS marketing. Article marketing involves writing articles related to your website content and niche, and then posting these in free article directories with a link back to your website. When people read these articles, they end up clicking the link provided to learn more, thus landing in your website.

Social media marketing involves the use of social networks to promote your business. This should be done as mildly and ethically as possible. Remember that these networks are meant for making friends and networking. Hard-selling will simply kill your business. RSS marketing, on the other hand, involves syndicating and sharing your website content via news outlets. This simply means that any time you make a new post on your website, it is distributed, via news channels, to people all over the world who are interested in that niche or subject, and are subscribed to its RSS feeds.

One of the major paid methods is pay per click (PPC), which involves buying traffic from publishers (website owners) and paying them every time your ad is clicked. A good example of PPC is advertisements through Google, called Google Adwords. Google displays your ads on their search engines and search networks and every time someone clicks on them, you pay Google. Facebook also has a PPC network.                                                                

Other paid methods include press releases, pay per view (PPV), and email marketing. These paid methods are usually very effective, providing almost instant traffic increases and very high conversions rates due to ease of targeting. However, care should be exercised when using them. This is because, they are also as fast in bringing in losses if carelessly used.

All in all, whether one uses free or paid methods for traffic, it is important to offer customer satisfaction. Good customer care and service is what keeps driving traffic to your site.

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