One of the biggest concerns that internet marketers have when they are going to spend any extended time away from their internet home business websites is that traffic will stop.

Although one of the benefits of working at home on an internet business is that you get to choose when to work or not this concern is something that all of us tend to think about.

Remember though that there is always the option of taking a laptop with you on your holiday. Then you would be able to work whenever you feel the need to do so or at least stay in touch with your business. If however if you are one of those people who prefer to take a complete break from your computer here are some tips on things you can do to keep the traffic flowing:

1.  To start off with you could join a couple of traffic exchanges and buy some credits. Many traffic exchanges offer special deals from time to time. By upgrading and buying one of these packages you are guaranteed that your website or squeeze page will be shown according to how you allocate the credits. You will also be able to set a daily cap on the amount of credits used per day, so that they will last as long as you are away.

2.  If you have a blog, write some posts and schedule them to be posted on specific dates while you are away relaxing and enjoying your break. You have the option to set this up on your blog before you leave so that your blog will continue publishing new content even when you are not there.

If you have a blog this is very easy to do. After you have written your blog post look out for the link called ” post-options” just below the text entry field. When you click it, it brings up the ‘Post date and time field’. Type in your post date and time details, then click the publish button. Your log post will be automatically published when that day and time rolls around.

3.  Of course the best method of all is article marketing. The way to do this is to take out a subscription with an article submitter such as with this you can write up to eight articles in a month and add them all at once and use a method that they have called “article trickle”.  With this method you are able to choose a period of time over which your articles will be trickled to many hundreds of article directories, and this will ensure that you continue to actively publish articles while you are away.

By following these steps and doing the work before you leave, you will be able to not only make sure that your website traffic flow will continue during your absence, but chances are that by the time you get back from your holiday your internet home business will have continued to grow and improve while you were relaxing somewhere in the sunshine.

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