One of the biggest reasons why many people are attracted to the idea of  a work from home business is the freedom it invokes…no commuting, no time clock and nobody that you need to account to about the way you spend your time. Yes this certainly is a very appealing idea, but like anything else it also has a downside and that is the amount of time that can be wasted.

Many people who work in 9- 5 jobs have to spend a large portion of their days filling out spread sheets to account for the way in which they are utilizing their time during their working day. It is a boring task and one that feels like a waste of time until one realizes that if you want to succeed in a home based business, like any other you need to have a spread sheet to help you accomplish your goals and to have a system to follow in order to get through all the tasks you must perform for success.                                                       

By working with a spread sheet and an agenda for each day you will find that your productivity will improve and your stress levels will reduce immeasurably. If you think that you can get away without a schedule for your work at home business, I suggest you rethink that issue.

When you have spent a number of basically unproductive days  and your “to do” list has grown longer every time you’ve looked at it you will realize that something will have to change.

Even if you are going through a rough patch and your home based business is experiencing growing pains and taking up more time than you expected, and your family is not pulling their weight on the home front or they are having crises of their own, remember that there is never a perfect time in life, you just need to live the one you’ve got. Whatever the problems are that you are dealing with now these will be traded next year for new ones.

Study how you are actually spending your time and talk to other people who work from home and you will probably learn these 5 reasons why it is essential to embrace a daily plan.

1.  It is easy to waste time on tasks that are not a priority.
2.  You can get easily sidetracked from your current task, especially if you work     online.
3.   It is easy to fall behind on important projects when your free time overlaps.
4.   Very often you will find that unscheduled work will interfere with your free time until you end up with no free time at all.
5.  When you concentrate your effort and time on the most important projects first you will find that you achieve much more.

Keep in mind that you are not the only work from home business person who follows a daily plan. You will find forums online where a number of home-based business people discuss and follow daily plans and actually find them more freeing rather than restrictive. If you think about it you will realize that you are the one setting the plan and in this way you are free to schedule yourself off for a whole day or a long lunch whenever you choose to.

If you are having a problem setting up a suitable daily plan that will work for you, then try asking a friend or family member for some help on getting a suitable system so that the time spent on your work from home business is spent in the most productive way.

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