Here is a guest post from Graham Bray on developing an e-course as an online income opportunity, please enjoy it.

We live in the information age.  More and more people are now turning to the internet to extend their learning.  With increased university fees, uncertainty in the job market and a continuing fragile world economy the internet is seen as the vehicle for ongoing education.  Learning really is for life, and providing relevant and effective e-courses can be a wonderful and rewarding home-based business.

By definition, an e-course is a class or course (audio, video, text – or any combination of these) where readers learn and develop their skills in a particular subject area.  The e-course is delivered over the internet, and the worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over $50 billion!

As with any other type of course, your e-course should be split into a number of short ‘episodes’ that are inter-linked and flow through a common theme.  As a teacher I prepare mini e-courses every day, and my tool of choice is Powerpoint.  For a given topic I produce a number of clear, colourful and well illustrated slides which I can then add my narration to.

There are other software packages on the market, such as Camtasia, that enable you to draw together different types of media including word documents, audio clips and sections of video into very neat and professional-looking products.  I really enjoy constructing my e-courses, and I really would recommend that you give it a try!

But what should your e-course be about?  Basically, anything that really takes your interest!  The more passionate you are about something, the more committed you will be to the project, so it’s worth choosing a hobby or past-time that you can talk about with a little authority.  Your hobby may be fishing, or cake baking, or rebuilding old motor bikes, or participating in ultra-marathons!

Whatever you choose put yourself in the position of somebody just starting out.  What would they need to know?  What equipment or kit would you recommend?  How could you deliver a step-by-step guide to get them started?
Indeed, your e-course could be ten parts long, with each part focused on a particular question.  Once you start to produce your e-course you’ll be amazed at how the ideas just flow!

Start small and just experiment with the basic tools.  Be prepared to make a few mistakes – you’ll be learning just as much as your readers.

Having built the e-course the next stage is to actually get it out in front of your readers.  This involves developing your internet marketing, but for that you will probably want to study an e-course yourself!

Graham Bray is an enthusiastic internet marketer, and for nearly five years he has been developing websites as part of his Multiple Income Pathways.  To learn more about internet marketing and how you can download newsletters, training videos and a *free report* visit his blog at  Easier Internet Marketing.

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