If you have been involved with an internet based home business for any length of time, and particularly if it is an affiliate based business, you are bound to come across people that you sponsor who are not making any money and will then contact you and tell you that you have sold them a scam program.

If they are angry enough they might even threaten to file a lawsuit against you for cheating them out of their hard earned money. So long as you know that the business that you sponsored them in to is a legitimate internet based home business, here are some tips on how to handle the situation.

1. The first thing is do not panic! You need to realize that you are dealing with someone who tends to be a bully. It is really much easier to blame your failure on someone else, rather than take responsibility for your downfall on yourself. Many people, especially when it comes to internet marketing think that just by joining a program and maybe paying a small fee, the money will just roll in.

What they need to understand is that an internet based business, just like a regular brick and mortar business takes time and effort to build. This person needs to learn to take responsibility for his own actions and not blame everyone else when what he expected does not materialize immediately. He will just lash out at you for the failure.

2.  Whatever his attitude, don’t reply in the same tone. We are all tempted at times to give as good as we get, but this will serve no purpose at all. Rather than lowering yourself to his level, remain calm and write an email explaining that the program is legitimate.  Be polite and be sympathetic but tell him that you are making money with it.

3.  Offer your affiliate further help and enquire what he has have done to lose money. Tell him that he can ask for your help and advice at any time before spending his money on things such as advertising or other business related expenses and that you are willing to work closely with him to help him turn the failure around.

You will find that generally people like this are looking for someone to guide them and lead them more than anything else.

4. Another thing is don’t delete the emails that you receive from this person, keep them on file so that if you ever need to and he threatens you with lawsuits in the future you have these emails that can be used as evidence in your defense.

5.  Remember that if the situation reaches the point where you can no longer handle it on your own, you can always turn to your own sponsor for help, and if necessary you can go to the managers of the affiliate program and ask that this person be removed from your downline, and prevented from participating in this legitimate internet based business.

Keep in mind that just because someone says an internet based business is a scam it doesn’t make it one. So long as you feel that the business you are offering to other people is a legitimate internet business and you are happy and making money with it, then you can stand up to those who are so quick to call something a scam without even giving it a fair chance.

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