Everybody has their own particular habits and behaviors and these are what drive us to do certain things in our own way. Some of these behaviors are moving us toward goals we may have in our home based businesses and others will work against us not only in business, but also in health and relationships.

Although most of these behaviors are ingrained in us so that for the most part we are not even aware of doing them, we are rational beings and can consciously learn to break away from behaviors that no longer serve us or are actually detrimental in getting to our goals. By following a daily habit breaking formula and replacing the bad habits with ones that can help us achieve our goals we can improve our lives exponentially.

Here are some ideas on how to break bad habits and replace them with better ones.

1.  The first step is to identify habits that are not serving you well. Become aware of any habits that are blocking your path to success, in your internet business and in your life in general.

2.  The best way to break these bad behaviors is to catch them whenever you find yourself falling into these old patterns. When this happens you need to attach a massive amount of pain to the situation and you can do this by thinking about the terrible difficulties that are being caused for you by following these habits.

3.  Find a habit that will serve you better in this situation and think of all the good things that will happen for you by following this better habit.

If you do not replace the old behavior with a new and better one, the old one will just keep on recurring. Without a replacement there will be an empty void and unless you fill it with something worthwhile it will just fill up with what you had before.

4. You will need to do this consistently and practice it on a daily basis for a minimum of one to two weeks before the old habit dies and the new one replaces it.

To give you an idea of how this works here is an example:

a.)  You need to identify the bad habit.  You procrastinate on important tasks that require your attention and then have to rush like mad under tremendous pressure to get the task done. Now if you don’t mind working like this then you would not consider it a bad habit.

2.  If you do think of it as a problem then you need to identify when this happens and what the results do to you. For example, you become extremely stressed, you don’t sleep properly and you make yourself and everyone around you utterly miserable.

So every time that this happens you need to attach pain to the situation. The way to break this habit is that every time you find yourself starting to procrastinate you need to really think about all the bad things that happen when you do this and make it as painful for yourself as possible.

3.  When you have succeeded in really creating a lot of pain you then need to substitute this pain with some pleasure and this is where you picture yourself, getting down the task at hand immediately, finishing it with time to spare and in an orderly fashion. Then think about how good you now feel, but really feel the emotion. Imagine the praise that you will be given. See the money rolling in for your home based business and how happy everyone around you is.

Do this regularly everyday on a consistent basis for at least to weeks. Then look back and check your results and I guarantee that there will be results. You will find yourself far less stressed, the people around you will be happier and your internet home based business will have improved.

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